Comments by students, alumni, and former faculty

Comments by students, alumni, and former faculty from the Protect SMU Petition:

28 James Tipton BS 1987. Dallas Hall Society Member. Current administration is contrary to everything I learned in 4 years at SMU. VOTE NO!!!

53 Mark Hallen I am an 1985 alum of the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU

73 Chris Howell United Methodist and former SMU student

78 Jeff Clayton SMU Alumni

114 Rev. Lisa Baumgartner Central Texas Annual Conference elder MDiv Perkins School of Theology 1999

123 Tena Hollingsworth My husband and I are alums of the SMU School of Law and we are a appalled at this. We will never give another dime to the school if this “library” is built there. It is a travesty.

124 Charles Johnson Custer Road United Methodist Church, Plano Texas. Also SMU Cox School of Business MBA graduate, 1998

126 Matthew Haley Southern Methodist University

132 Anonymous As an SMU grad and Methodist, this is completely inappropriate. If SMU decides to associate Bush with the school it will put the “Almighty Dollar” ahead of the basic principals of decency and goodness.

149 Jan Petty Nobles Richardson Former member Highland Park United Methodist Church, Dallas Former member Northaven United Methodist Church, Dallas SMU Staff member, Division of Music, Meadows School of the Arts, 1982-2000

155 The Rev. Deborah Appler 1987 graduate of Perkins School of Theology Elder in East Pennsylvania of the United Methodist Church Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible Moravian Theological Seminary

173 Jim Ramoz Catholic. I’m hoping to send my daughter to school there one day. I will re-consider if Bush has any affiliation with SMU.

221 Kathryn Allen Alumni of Meadows School for the Arts 1987.

225 Tyson Ervin I am a former student of Southern Methodist University and strongly disagree with this library. SMU’s name will forever be tarnished and will be cut off from valuable contributions of individuals in prominent positions around the world. On a personal note, I will not be as quick to tell people that I went to SMU and my school pride will be diminished as the majority of the public will find this an embarrassment for the school.

235 Anonymous No Affiliation–I am a graduate of SMU and agree that putting the Bush library at SMU is bad for the university and the Methodist church.

237 Elizabeth Henry First United Methodist Coppell; SMU Alumn. I hope SMU can find enough pride in itself to reject this library.

244 Carolyn Dennis M.Th. Perkins School of Theology, SMU 1982

252 Anonymous SMU Alumnus

262 Sydney Smith I hope to one day attend SMU school of law and do not wish to have a Bush library at the school I attend.

265 Anonymous As a graduate of SMU I cannot object enough to having SMU associated with a President who has done the most to divide this country of any modern day politician. 268 Bruce LaVal SMU Class of 1968

270 Christopher Cantrell SMU Graduate spring 1984 Simply put, the George W. Bush library and think tank being establised at SMU would be a disaster for the Univeristy and it’s reputation. Just say no !

284 Troy Williams I affiliate with the Baptist church, however I am an SMU graduate class of 1995.

341 Tim Chambers Bethesda methodist Church… Also an alumni who graduated from SMU in 1989…. Please reject this project, it is inapproprate to the school and the Methodists Church that supports it.

343 The Rev. Dr. Gordon B. Maxwell 1972 graduate from Perkins School of Theology

387 MELANIE COMBS Protestant. Alumnus of SMU Perkins School of Theology, M.S.M, 1987.

389 Rev. Connie L. Nelson Elder, North Georgia Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church; M.Div. 1984, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

401 Mack Fulton Harrell As a graduate of SMU, I cannot voice my protest against this egregious bit of pandering too loudly. NO! NO! NO! TEN-THOUSAND TIMES NO!

404 Elizabeth Moseley No affiliation – severely lapsed Catholic but thinks Methodists are OK. I attended SMU and received my diploma from there. I don’t want my expensive education to be devalued because of this library. George Bush is -and history will bear out – a lying, psychopathic, murderous bastard. He should be impeached for lying to the world about Iraq. Why would SMU or ANY institution of higher learning want to be associated with him?

405 Nancy Van Doren Former SMU Perkins student and graduate student of SMU.

421 Lem Meador Perkins School of Theology Alumni and member of Simpsonwood United Methodist Church

427 Nancy Windrow-Pearce Methodist and graduate of SMU

454 Professor Curtis F.J. Doebbler SMU Alumni (1984) Professor at An-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine

491 Anonymous Catholic. As a member of the SMU class of 2000, I don’t want my alma mater associated with the Bush presidency.

533 Katherine Blanchard Methodist. and SMU MA, Art History, 2005. I do not believe that the majority of faculty nor alumnae support the Bush Presidency as much as Dallas and SMU would like you to believe. As a Methodist I also agree that the linking of the religion with the standards of conduct undertaken by the current administration lends a unwelcome comparison and assumed support.

562 Cynthia J Gwinn United Methodist I am an alumnus and former employee of SMU and I also object in the strongest terms possible to this affiliation. George W. Bush, his policies and his actions as President, do not represent my university.

587 Michael Burt Methodist SMU ’88

599 Stephen Graham-Ching I am not a member of the United Methodist Church, but I am a graduate of SMU and support this petition.

606 Stan Johnston Non-religious. Graduate of SMU (undergraduate and School of Law). I would be embarrassed to say I am a SMU alumni if Bush’s library was connected to the University.

683 Kristi Carlson United Church of Christ My brother-in-law attended SMU and does not endorse this library. I believe Bush’s presidency will be studied years from now and will be an embarassment for this nation. I would hate for SMU to be affiliated with that.

708 Marilee Hays Daughter of late Methodist minister, Rev. Robert F. Hays, retired from Vamo United Methodist Church in Sarasota, FL and an SMU alumni.

752 Lamar White United Methodist. My father, grandfather, two uncles, and two aunts are all SMU graduates. My sister is a current SMU junior, and I am a graduate of the Cox School Summer Business Institute.

818 June Castelow SMU 1960 (June Carey)

824 Randy Bobst-McKay Recently I was offered a teaching position at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts. After learning of your University’s courting of the Bush Library, I declined the position. I do not understand why a forward-thinking university like SMU would want to be linked to a deception-ladened regime like the current Administration’s. And I think it’s clear from the last election that the vast majority of Americans now think as I do. The Bush library will not bring positive media attention to SMU. Can you really afford to be aligned with the largest faliure in American foreign relations in our country’s history? How about a second Vietnam? Please think strategically before you act–something this President should have done.

831 Jennifer Davis Methodist affiliation and SMU alumni

876 jean-paul samuel I have no church affiliation but as a former SMU Cox student I think that linking this Presidency to SMU would be s disgrace.

878 Anonymous SMU Alumni

879 Thomas Shannon ELCA If this library were to be located on your campus I would not allow my children or grand children to attend your university

886 James E. McDonald First United Methodist Church, Wichita Falls, Texas BFA, class of 1973, Meadow School of the Arts

894 Charlie Cregor I am a Dallas native, and I graduated from Southern Methodist University in 19858 with my BBA from the Edwin L. Cox School or Business. I am also a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and I strongly agree with the faculty and ministers that the Bush Library would be “blasphemous” to not only God but also to SMU’s reputation! This Administration is the most corrupt and satanic force in the entire history of the United States of America.

925 Sandra Weinstein Bever No church affiliation; alumna (SMU Ph.D. 1999).

947 Mercury Williams no affiliation – alumna BBA, BS 1996.

953 Kirk Wohlers As a Methodist and 1986 alumni of SMU – I can tell you I am personally appalled to think we’d entertain such a thought of having a Bush honored Library affiliated with SMU.

971 Dr. Ryan Hammond SMU Class of 2000 and 2002.

993 Suzanne Shankle Church Affiliation: Episcopal 1982 Graduate, S.M.U.

1013 Brenda Hinton-Harvey First United Methodist, Safford, Arizona SMU attended 1975

1016 Michael J. Hartwig, Ph.D. Christian Ethicist and Ph.D. in Religious Ethics from SMU

1032 Rob Cordell SMU Grad – Dedman College – 1992

1035 john milburn I am both a methodist and a graduate of SMU

1074 Anonymous I was raised Methodist in Killeen and Harker Heights, Texas, and my grandmother and great-grandmother were SMU graduates. Although not a member, I now visit the Los Angeles Heights UMC in San Antonio.

1091 Blake Pond Member and SMU alum First United Methodist Church Stuttgart, AR

1107 Suzanne Quillian Highland Park Methodist (in my youth) daughter of Joseph D. Quillian (former Dean of Perkins School of Theology, SMU)

1114 Rev. Jim Sessions ordained UMC elder in Central Texas Conference 1962 Alum of SMU – BA 1958 presently director of Alex Haley Farm of the Children’s Defense Fund

1116 Catherine Wende Graduating Class of May 1996.

1241 R. Dabney Tompkins SMU graduate, 1982, Master of Music.

1285 Michael McGee As an SMU Alumni member I’m ashamed that my alma mater would consider supporting the creation of a Bush Library on the campus. Gerald Turner has made amazing progress with the university becoming a part of the larger community – this would be a step back to be affiliated so closely with the failed policies of President Bush.

1287 Rev. Robert Kenji Flowers Elder-Central Texas Conference Conference Rep-Perkins Alumni Council

1292 Daniel Alonzo My mother is an alumnus of the SMU Law School. She has also written a letter in protest.

1343 Mason Thomas White’s Chapel Methodist Church Southlake, Texas SMU Class 93. This would be a disaster for SMU as this poor man will go down in history as the USA’s worst President.

1354 Anonymous Methodist, SMU alumni

1390 Marilyn PreJean Roman Catholic, not an alum, just an interested citizen with several friends who are SMU alum. SMU without doubt has a sterling reputation & is well respected among other universities and academic types across the board. This library dedicated to Bush somehow diminishes the virtue of SMU’s reputation in a way that other universities would not be affected because no one expects exemplary standards form a run-of-the-mill-state-funded institution. Besides, Bush was never a big SMU person, it was always “Texas” so let Dallas or UT have it and protect the one jewel SMU has to offer that once given up, will forever tarnish the school. Do not permit those in charge to pander your reputation to attempt to give some credibility to Bush by affiliation–that’s cruel to your alumni body and sends a disturbing message to incoming students…..

1404 Ruthann Boles McTyre Former Staff member, Highland Park United Methodist Church B.M., Music Education, SMU 1976 M.M., SMU, 1978

1429 Anonymous United Methodist Church – Arlington My MBA is from SMU, and I would be embarrassed and ashamed if SMU becomes the home of the library of what amounts to the worst president in US history – LET THIS ONE PASS SMU! Nothing good will come of it.

1455 Kathleen Lunson As a lifetime member of Methodist churches who has lived most of her life in Dallas, and the daughter of an SMU alumni, I object to the association of a morally reprehensible, reckless administration with our denomination.

1472 C. Allen Not a methodist (Church of Christ) but I am a SMU grad and I dont think it is appropriate that this President be honored by SMU. His track record on war, human rights, and basic freedom make him incompatible with the philosphy of SMU.

1486 Bill R. Kirton United Methodist Pastor Cameron United Methodist Church Denver Colorado Graduate of Perkins School of Theology

1501 Peter Holman 1983 graduate of SMU

1526 April Soroko Methodist and Texan! Niece of William ” Bill” Martin Blackburn, who is on faculty at SMU

1533 Andrew Hall UM Church Member & SMU Grad ’98

1551 Sandra Perry Noble I am a graduate of SMU and a member of the Methodist Church. I am vehemently opposed to Bush’s library being established at SMU. I believe it sends the wrong message-not to mention the increased traffic and congestion on the campus.

1562 Christopher Ainsworth Methodist. I am a third generation SMU graduate and very opposed to the affiliation with the Bush Library

1600 Michael Shaw SMU Class of 2005

1610 Sara K. McCown I, along with my Mother and Father,was a member of University Park Methodist Church in the 60′s.My father attended SMU and is probably rolling in his grave that they would even consider building this library any where near the campus. Please rethink.

1658 Jeff Garnett Episcopal. SMU graduate class of 1986.

1686 Joshua Ewing Weber I am a lifelong Methodists who grew up in churches in the Dallas area, namely White Rock United Methodists. My father is a Methodist minister in Jacksboro, Texas. I am also an SMU alumnus, currently pursuing a Master’s Degree at NYU. I am both a proud Methodist and a proud graduate of Southern Methodist University. Each of these fondnesses, however, will be permanently stained should SMU pursue this course of action. For more reasons that can even be listed (and needn’t be, for they are commonly felt), this library is a bad idea. I would certainly never donate money to such a school, and frankly, would be embarrassed to admit that so many of the negative stereotypes about SMU, Dallas and Highland Park that I often refute are, in fact, quite true. (Oh, SMU, must one even mention the “Death Penalty” jokes?) Please do reconsider. Joshua Ewing Weber

1699 Roy D. Rinkle S.M.U. graduate 1958 Harvard University rejected the location of the J.F.K. Library on its campus because of the traffic and congestion. University Park is just as vulnerable as Cambridge. S.M.U. should not be associated with the Bush Library. It will demean the reputation of the University forever and insult the pride we feel for our Alma Mater. Submitted with great respect for the leadership of Dr. Gerald Turner and appreciation for the influence A.M.U. has had on me.

1706 Faith W. Bruner Highland Park United Methodist Church. I am a graduate of both the Dedman College and the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU. I oppose the George W. Bush Library as a part of SMU. I do not believe that it is an asset; in fact it could be an embarrassment.

1772 Reid Willmann Oak Lawn UMC SMU Class of 1997

1777 The Rev Dr David L Jeffery Rector, St Luke’s Episcopal Church, Jacksonville, Florida. MTh Perkins School of Theology, SMU, ’73 I have written SMU’s president in opposition to this plan and received a reply today indicating they will go forward.

1812 Rev. Nancy W. Smith Baptist, retired chaplain, former Perkins School of Theology student

1826 Kathryn Dickinson Park Slope United Methodist Church, Member and Student at Union Theological Seminary Graduate of Southern Methodist University (’82)

1858 Avi Witz SMU Alum

1875 Colin Bickley 1997 SMU Graduate

1884 Molly Kennedy Moore SMU, Class of 2000

1899 Tom Ludwig SMU Dedman School of Law ’04

1911 Jason Head SMU Ph.D., geology, 2002. Not a methodist nor affiliated with the church.

1920 Kim Parker SMU alum

1930 David Poulos First United Methodist of Oak Park, Illinois. Class of 1989

1932 Anonymous Member, SMU Campus Ministry Council SMU Alum, 2005, PhD in Anthropology

1941 Sara L. Sanders I am a member of the United Methodist church, and am a graduate of SMU. I do NOT want the Bush Library associated with my alma mater.

1955 Matt Alholm I am not a Methodist but I am a proud SMU alumni. Any petition trying to stop this embarrassment is a good thing. Class of 1996.

1991 Sarah Ruef-Lindquist Class of 1983

2015 Joseph Grinnell 2006 SMU Alumnus

2016 Sarah Linn As a potential doctoral student, I believe SMU is an inappropriate place for a Bush presidential library. I am strongly oppsed to any linkage thereof.

2036 Jennifer Lezak Alumnus of SMU, 1979; contributor to annual fund

2037 Rex Newsong Church – Irvine, CA, Rock Harbor – Costa Mesa, CA, Prestonwood Baptist. No university should offer or sponsor the GWBush Library. Bush isn’t a real Texan anyways, and for his mistakes, over 3000 US military have died and countless Iraqi citizens. SMU Class of 2000 – Cox School of Business

2045 Leslie St. Michael’s and an SMU alumni

2101 Anonymous Paradise Valley United Methodist church, SMU class of ’76.

2126 rob shepps smu alumni

2135 Richard E. Jackson Active Member, Laurel Heights United Methodist Church, San Antonio, TX. I am a 1980 graduate of SMU and Perkin’s School of Theology and a member of the Southwest Texas Annual Conference.

2145 Jim Moore An SMU alumni. He will go down in history as a far below average President and I don’t think the school needs to be affiliated with his legacy.

2162 Leslie Miller While I am not a Methodist, I am a graduate of SMU and I believe that the creation of George W. Bush library, museum, and think tank is alien to what I see the university standing for. The programs at SMU strive to educate students so that they can work together to solve problems. Regardless of ones politics, it is hard to see the Bush administration in that light.

2233 William Ehrensperger Lutheran – I am a graduate of the Univ of Dallas (one of the other sites under consideration) – Neither my university nor SMU should disgrace their good name by being associated with a presidency whose hallmarks are arrogance & corruption.

2250 Les G. Jones Methodist. The credibility of SMU as an institution of higher learning and principles is at stake here. The acceptance or rejection of this proposal will reflect the university’s values. As a 1985 graduate, I still wonder….

2272 David Johnson Not Affiliated with the Church, but I am a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a 2001 BA and a 2004 JD. Associating SMU, or any University in the United States with President George Bush is a step backwards in this nation’s treatment of personal liberty and freedoms. President Bush should not be so honored at SMU.

2273 Alicia Dean Northaven UMC, Dallas, TX Perkins School of Theology Graduate 1999

2316 Aidan Shah Roman Catholic, Southern Methodist University, Dedman College 2005.

2319 Michael Crane Graduate of SMU. Class of 1978. Had 3 of 4 siblings attend/graduate SMU. The fact that SMU is considering spending one penny on a horrible president, George Bush, is a slap in the face to every person who ever attended the school. I will never give another dollar to SMU if this library goes through. George Bush is an embarrassment to the nation and the world. SMU will be bringing disgrace upon its name if it gets the library. Bush stands for precisely the opposite of what any caring, thoughtful person believes. SMU will be the laughing stock of universities if the library goes through. DO NOT DO IT!!!!

2336 John B. Linehan, Jr. I am a 1970 Alum of SMU, my parents are Alums of SMU, and if you try to build it all three of us will stop you. I am also a native Dallasite, and it will not be built in North Texas.

2339 Joe london Baptist However graduated from SMU class of 68, same as Laura Bush. I believe that in years to come having the Bush library at SMU will be regreted. In the short term seems like a good idea, but in the long term; no.

2356 Ron Rabakukk 1988 SMU Alumnus; SMU should look past the potential monetary gain and prestige that usually goes with having a presidential library and look at this president’s actions. If the university decides to build this library it will demonstrate that it has learned nothing since losing its football team back in the 80s. A quality university, which I had believed SMU to be when I decided to attend, would look to projecting a strong moral and ethical foundation to help guide its students. Instead, as it did in the 80′s, SMU seems poised to ignore its responsibilities and sell its soul to satiate its own greed. This president projects neither a strong moral nor a strong ethical persona and should not be associated with the school. If Baylor wants him let them have him, or better yet, let him raise the money himself and build it on his ranch in Crawford. I’m sure his Haliburton and Bechtel friends have some extra cash lying around.

2361 Maxwell Joseph SMU Alum 06′

2389 Gene Bruce First UMC, Conroe, TX. Life-long UM. Son of UM minister from Northwest Texas AC who was a a very proud SMU graduate.

2409 Derek Reinhard, LtCol, USAF(Ret) Lay Leader St Stephen’s UMC Burke, VA SMU Class of 1980

2411 Dwight McAnally Methodist.. I hold two degrees from SMU and hate to see this wonderful universilty sullied by association with a man who thinks he’s above the law.

2456 Benjamin van der Wel No affiliation, but SMU Class of 1988. As an alumnus I object to the establishment of this library at SMU for the same reasons as the Methodist Church — such a library would be incompatible with SMU’s mission, history and future.

2490 Anonymous As an alumna of SMU and a Methodist, I adamantly oppose to this action.

2594 Douglas Grove-DeJarnett UM Clergy SMU Graduate – MM and MSM 1979

2599 Anton Skowronski I’m not affiliated with the church, however, I am an alumni of S.M.U. (class of 97). It would be sad if the university choose to be forever tied to a closed minded, secretive, faliure of a presidency. It would not represent the diverse education that I recieved. It would be a stain on the university’s image.

2632 Ellena Dickerson St. Paul’s Methodist-Houston We have a family connection to SMU and do not want this institution connected with the Geo. Bush presidency.

2656 Anonymous Current Student, I’d list my name but I think it would be wise not to in case of any backlash. The way that this administration has shown lack of respect to the constitution leads me to believe I could end up in a secret prison or removed from school.

2661 Seth Fowler SMU graduate – Class of 1988 No Church Affiliation

2710 Jerry Sawyer United Methodist, SMU alumn. I will stop donating to the school if this library, museum, and think tank are placed on university property. The reason you shouldn’t accept this GWB monument, however, is that his foreign policy contradicts with our theological and doctrinal obligations. His war in Iraq is profoundly anti-Christian. If you think this library will bring money to the university, at least read Matthew 16:26 before making your final decision.

2719 Anonymous Agnostic, SMU Class of ’92

2780 Robert T. Capps Member United Methodist Church of Steamboat Springs, CO SMU Graduate Class of 1973

2804 The Rev. Raymond H. Clark Episcopal Church. As an alumnus of Southern Methodist University, I must protest in the strongest terms the location or association of SMU with the George W. Bush Library. Bush’s presidency has made a mockery of everything the Church stands for regarding social justice … whether United Methodist, Anglican, or others.

2808 Anonymous I am an active member of a FUMC. I also have a masters degree from SMU. I will be greatly disappointed in the church and SMU if the library is built on the campus. The legacy of George W Bush should not be associated with Methodists and the university.

2812 Chuck Voelter If this library goes through I will forever deny being a graduate of SMU. Chuck Voelter ’95

2817 Keith Weber Presbyterian and SMU grad… PLEASE don’t let them do this…!

2819 Bob Sackamento Graduate and Episcopalian Church Member

2840 Rev. John F. Yeaman Graduate of Perkins School of Theology 1953, pastor in Southwest Texas Conference 20 years, retired, earned Master in Social Work to work in that field 25 years.

2858 Anonymous Southern Methodist U. Alum

2891 Brentney Hamilton no affiliation, but concerned SMU alum and Christian

2908 Larry Parker NONE……I have been going to events and been a patron of SMU for at least 35 years. My father worked there almost 60 years ago. SMU is a sterling example of excellence for the Dallas area which affects ALL of us. Please don’t tarnish that example by associating it with such a dishonest person as George W Bush. It would tarnish the name of SMU FOREVER.

2936 Dr. Ron W. Wilhelm SMU graduate (1969) member, Northaven United Methodist Church Dallas, Texas

2971 Kirsten Efird SMU alums, former Methodist

2986 Jay Leeka SMU Alumnus B.S. ’85/ M.A. ’87 and former United Methodist. I have always been proud and grateful for the education I received at SMU and my membership in the United Methodist church during my youth – but any placement of a George W. Bush “Library” on the SMU campus would cause me to be ashamed of any connection to either SMU or the United Methodist Church.

2991 Kenneth L Ashley Professor emeritus, SMU, Engineering Hideous! Has values belong only in a sewer. What a disgrace this would be. What a sorry testament to the administration to even make this an issue.

2996 Jane S. Hoffman former member of LLUMC and UMC of Portsmouth NH, 1975 graduate of SMU Master of Liberal Arts Program

3024 Rev. Kendra Behn-Smith Pastor, Camas United Methodist Church Alumna, Perkins School of Theology

3029 Christy Williams Munger Place United Methodist Church 5200 Bryan Street Dallas, Texas 75206 SMU Alum, 1973

3050 David Jackson SMU alum and member of Martin UMC in Bedford. There is no place for a GWB library on the Hilltop.

3083 Chris Wood I was a former Baptist campus minister at SMU for 12 years!1976-1987

3097 Daniel S. Nieto, Ph.D., M.Div., M.T.S. Perkins, SMU alumnus; retired UMC pastor

3101 Anonymous East Grand Rapids, Michigan home of Gerald R. Ford museum; Methodist minister’s daughter; sib of SMU alum G.Bush hasn’t earned the honor of this affiliation.

3153 Lisa Chronister SMU alumni

3161 Charles Jeff Garcia SMU–As an SMU alum, I am ashamed that SMU has pusued the Buch library when Bush and his staff have breached the trust of the American people. He and the republican staff have killed many American and Iraqi men and women. It is an embarrasment to be associated with GW Bush by any means

3187 Gloria W. Smits My church affiliation is Methodist. As a summa cum laude graduate of SMU, I will hereafter be totally ashamed to admit any link whatsoever to SMU unless SMU totally and forever rejects this project.

3195 Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt I have no church affiliation but as a former graduate attending SMU’s course for foreign students in the 1970s, I have an enormous respect for the US’s record on civil, human and political rights, particularly arising out of the Warren Court. It is distressing to see the abuses of executive power presently occurring and I, as with many others the world over, look to a time when the US regains its civil, human and political rights agenda.

3250 Kim Ruckman M.T.S. Perkins School of Theology, 2002 I am a UMC minister. I would like to point out that the president of Southern Methodist University is an adherent to the Dallas Theological Seminary tradition, i.e. dispensationalism. As a seminary student, I thought it slap in the face to Perkins, that SMU President R. Gerald Turner, was not only not United Methodist, but of a religious persuasion contrary to Methodist tradition, as the Dallas Theological Seminary. Obviously, SMU trustees were aware of this and Laura Bush sits on the SMU Board of Trustees.

3270 W. Mark Easterly St. Mark’s United Methodist Church SMU Law School Alumus

3306 J.David Bertrand Presbyterian (my father’s family is Methodist). As an alumni and a Christian, I oppose SMU accepting the placement of the Bush library on campus.

3332 Bob Gardner recovering Methodist and SMU alum

3355 Lane Lindberg Hays No church affiliation SMU Alum

3363 Vince Snee SMU Alum

3367 James D. Culver, Jr. I grew up in Marvin United Methodist Church in Tyler and currently belong to Paradise Valley UMC in Phoenix, AZ. Additionally, I graduated from SMU in 1988. I find the policies of George W. Bush to be completely inconsistent with what both SMU and the United Methodist Church symbolize, and I encourage the University to abandon the plan to build the facility.

3385 Loyd A. Cain United Methodist Clergy New Mexico Annual Conference Retired 1971 graduate of Perkins School of Theology

3390 Susan Anderson Widow of SMU Mathematics Professor David H. Anderson. Visit Park Cities United Methodist Church, but not a member. 3398 Anonymous Non-Denominational Definately not, my wife plans to go to the SMU Law school

3399 Anonymous I am not affiliated to any church, but I am an SMU alum and current employee.

3403 Randy McKinley Southern Baptist Convention, SMU Alumnus

3449 Treece Efird SMU Graduate 1993

3486 Steve Brewer I am a ’64 grad of SMU and have written Mr. Turner and every member of the board expressing my complete disgust with this project…predicting Bush’s term to be considered the darkest period in our history since slavery.

3507 Anonymous Methodist church in Hondo, Texas SMU grad 99

3531 Elaine B. Hopkins SMU graduate, B.A., class of 1960.

3534 Leo D. Nieto Alumnus of Perkins, ’57 Retired UMeth minister, ’99 Served in Rio Grande and California-Pacific Annual Conferences If this project is approved I will be ashamed to set foot on the SMU campus ever again!

3535 Anonymous SMU graduate

3555 Timothy C. Moore St Mark United Methodist Church, Atlanta, Georgia and SMU alum.

3557 Stephanie Mongiello Episcopal; SMU Law Student

3559 Christopher Paris I am a practicing Episcopalian. I am a 2001 graduate of SMU Law school.

3576 Anonymous I am not Methodist, but I am a graduate of Southern Methodist University.

3581 Stewart Ransom Miller I did graduate work at SMU in the 1970′s. I raised my family in a home on Mockingbird Lane across from SMU. My mother lived in the condominiums secured for the library site. I was raised a Methodist at and married in the University Park Methodist Church.

3597 Kimberly Zeller, M.D. former President’s Scholar (SMU ’89) I write, not from the point of view of a Methodist, but as an SMU alumnus. I would hate to feel shame to admit that I began my education at SMU, but the establishment of library in the name of a president who has firmly established himself not only as anti-intellectual but as lacking in moral integrity would be unseemly. The name and reputation of SMU would be irreparably tarnished.

3609 Barry J. Cochran Polk Street United Methodist Church, Amarillo, Texas As a former University Scholar at SMU, I am extremely distressed to have our great university associated with the disturbing Bush legacy. Once built, the library cannot be demolished, and history will judge neither Bush nor his associates kindly.

3619 Gene Richardson Why would SMU want to honor a President that will go down in history as the one man that has taken away over two hundred years of progress for the USA? What a terrible way to treat your Alum…..MLA 76

3630 Carole Carsey Now active at Northaven United Methodist in Dallas, I have been a member of the Methodist Church for 57 years. I am a graduate of SMU. I’m totally against the George W. Bush Library, museum and think tank being affiliated with SMU.

3699 Anonymous Mennonite SMU Law School Alum

3701 Paul McKay lifelong United Methodist; first-year commissioned/probationary member of North Texas Annual Conference (deacon track); 2004 grad of Perkins; affiliated with Sun Creek Unied Methodist in Allen, Texas; proud father of a U.S. Marine and a U.S. Army officer, both on active duty. President Bush’s actions and decisions in office strike me as nothing less than immoral–allowing waterboarding (i.e. torture), for example, is hardly something that Jesus would do, nor is it in keeping with the Wesleyan faith tradition. It’s not even something that the vast majority of military commanders want. I respect the President for the incredibly difficult job and pressures he has (and any President for that matter), but I’m extremely disturbed by so many of his policies, especially the needless and continued loss of young, courageous lives serving in our military. To continue to send our troops into a virtual “shooting gallery”–Marines have taken to calling it “the meat grinder”–is nothing less than immoral, in my opinion. I would not want his policies and partisan politics perpetrated by a partisan “think tank” bearing the SMU name. By the way, I wish more people would sign their names and affiliations and information about themselves to this petition and stop hiding behind “anonymous.” And those who post insulting and offensive or totally mindless postings without signing their real names (“Saddam Hussein”–gee, how clever) are cowardly, plain and simple. Thanks and grace and peace, paul

3704 Frances Owens McElvaney SMU B.A. 1958 Member, Northaven United Methodist Church

3716 Howard L. Daughenbaugh I am a retired United Methodist pastor whose membership is in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. I am also a graduate of SMU (Class of 1955) and Perkins School of Theology (Class of 1958).

3735 S. L. Smith Jr SMU graduate, 1976; Member, Noel Memorial UMC in Shreveport, LA. The library, if built, will be a moral and academic embarrassment.

3740 Dan Cutrer Alumni, Class of ’76. As “the Decider” has never shown the least bit of interest in what others think, I doubt this will do any good. I simply don’t want a monument to this man within two miles of my home.

3745 Mike Harper United Methodist Clergy–member of the North Alabama Conference–graduate of SMU’s Perkins School of Theology

3762 Anonymous I am an SMU alumnus – class of 1975 – MM

3783 Rae H. Stoll, Ph.D. As a graduate of SMU (M.A., 1965) and former instructor of English there, I find the prospect that the University may become the home of the Bush library and a right-wing think tank profoundly disturbring. The Methodist church, through the university, should not appear to welcome–and therefore to sanction–an administration so deeply mired in unconstitutional and immoral behavior as is this administration. I have always considered SMU my ethical home. Associating itself with the administration of G. W. Bush would be a betrayal of what I learned and taught there.

3787 Christina Brown non-denominational. I am a SMU alumna and am very opposed to having George Bush’s library at SMU.

3796 Tim D. Hopper Member: First United Methodist, Lindale TX 1984 Alumni, School of Engineering, Southern Methodist University Bush’s Legacy will be an embarrassment to the University.

3800 Jeffrey Skilling As an SMU alumnus, I am appalled by President Bush’s lack of ethics. 3824 Karen Smith I am the granddaughter of Bishop A. Frank Smith, and the grandniece of Bishop Wm. Angie Smith. I am also a graduate of SMU. I strongly oppose the university’s being associated with the failed and deadly policies, and the constitutional deconstruction of the Bush administration.

3825 Karen Maxwell Proud SMU grad and Methodist. To have the worst president in the history of the US have a library representing his war profiteering, ruination of years of environmental action, cronyism, murdering of innocent civilians and a man who lied to the American people using “terrorism” as an excuse for an illegal and immoral war will mar the beautiful grounds of SMU and be a monument to the hypocricy of this administration and the values of the Methodist church! Do not deface SMU with this monument to a lying war-monger!

3849 Ina Ayliffe MCC of Greater Dallas——–My son graduated from SMU in 1979. We are proud of that. If the Bush Library goes to SMU, I will be ashamed instead of proud, and I probably will never again mention SMU to anyone. This man will go down as the worst president in our history. There is nothing about him to admire. He is an embarressment and a joke in Texas, in our country and in the world I think you will find it a nuisance and a disgrace to bring the Bush Library to SMU. By the way, what great acomplishment can he claim? I don’t really believe that SMU wants to endure the kind of negative attention that the library will bring.

3854 Kathy Holmes Accompanist at a large Methodist church in Dallas, TX; received Master of Music degree from S.M.U.

3855 Margaret Ann Wendell First United Methodist Church Fort Worth, Texas SMU MBA 1975

3871 Prudie Luther Orr A former Methodist, now Unitarian and former SM?U student from family of SMU grads (mother, 1931; cousins, 1945 & 47), feel compelled to try to save SMU from itself. Now known as reactionary “educational” bastion of the rich, becvoming repository of war-starting liberty depriving regime will forever foreclose any hope of respect as a scholarly institution. We cheated ourselves out of football, let’s not sell what’s left, our integrity.

3874 robin Hutson Methodist, SMU Alum

3880 Chris Lyman I am not affliated with a Methodist Church, but I am a former student of SMU.

3893 Terry Miller Raley SMU grad 1984.

3901 Marilyn McCoin Trent Methodist, SMU graduate, Class of 1957 There is nothing good to be realized by the University or by the Dallas area if they persist in seeking to be the site for a “think tank” intended to polish the image of GW Bush.

3930 stephen b. taylor statesboro (ga) first umc smu undergrad: ’62-’63

3944 Robert L. Cavnar, Sr. Grew up Methodist, father graduated from the Perkins School.

3959 Drury Sherrod I will sever ties and no longer contribute to my alma mater if it affiliates itself with this shameful, corrupt and immoral president.

3978 Larry Denger SMU Alumni

3986 Wes Jackson I am a member of Martin United Methodist Church and a Junior at SMU.

3993 Taylor Lowry Member of Highland Park United Methodist Church. Alumni of SMU.

4002 Craig Senglin Lake Highlands United Methodist Church; Dallas, TX Southern Methodist University Alumni, 1990

4019 Latisha K. Frederick Methodist, Las Cruces, NM Methodist, Abilene, TX Daughter of SMU ex Granddaughter of SMU alum and Methodist minister

4023 Anonymous SMU Class of 2007

4031 Elizabeth V. Johnson member First Presbyterian Church, Houston 1987 alum, SMU

4038 William B Moorer United Methodist Clergy, Oklahoma, Retired Perkins Graduate, Class of 1961

4058 Rebecca Sanabria I am an alumn of SMU and I would be vey upset to have my Alma Mater linked with the George W. Bush name.

4059 Kristina Bowman Christian and a 1990 Graduate of The Meadows School of Arts at SMU

4095 Thomas J. Kirwin III First United Methodist Church of Allen, Texas MLA, Southern Methodist University, 2004 The Bush Library does not belong at the same university as Perkins School of Theology.

4118 Elizabeth Perales Non-denominational Christian. This is a terrible idea if SMU really expects to be taken seriously as a University! GW Bush will most definately go down in history as one of the WORST Presidents ever…why on Earth would SMU want to be associated with that??? *My life partner of 15+ years is also a SMU Alum….

4121 Robert Linzie Connally Jr. AS a graduate of SMU in 1972 and the 3rd generation and 6th member of my family to attend I can only be stunned that this decision is even being considered. This gives new meaning to the word LIE-BRARY. Shame on SMU. Linzie Connally

4123 D. Todd Philips SMU graduate – Class of 1994; this is absolutely offensive to those of us who love SMu but disapprove of this President’s record on civil liberties, foreign policy, unilkateralism, enviromentalism and a host of other extremely important and worthy issues. I implore you not to place this library on my alma mater. It will in effect insure that I will never again visit, nor will I allow my children to attend.

4132 Melinda Baker Shaw Presbyterian. My parents, uncles, brother, me and my son have attended SMU. I think linking this great university with this president would do terrible harm to SMU’s reputation. I urge the Board of Trustees to reject this project.

4176 John P. Irish United Methodist Church Member and SMU Alumni (class of ’92)

4187 Emily Watkins SMU alumna; affiliated with Travis Park United Methodist Church, San Antonio TX

4222 Anonymous Alumni of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business and Dedman School of Law

4269 Amy McCaffrey SMU Alumnus 1975

4283 Rev. James R. Olney United Methodist Minister Graduate of Perkins School of Theology Southern Methodist University

4341 Loretta A. Dixon Baptised Methodist. Parent of an SMU, Meadows School of the Arts 1997 graduate.

4355 Patrick McBride New Creation in Christ 2004 SMU Graduate….I believe SMU needs to retain its academic freedom. So this signature is for the great professors at SMU like Dr. Hopkins (the history chair) who value intellectual honesty and an even historical perspective. Such a library and think tank would cause these intellectual assets of SMU to suffer.

4363 Nancy Wadley Keough SMU LAW CLASS OF 1970 Methodist

4373 Mike C. Miller Member, First Methodist Church, Marshall, Texas; B.A. (Economics), B.S. (Policitcal Science) S.M.U. 1981.

4396 Anonymous Member, Highland Park United Methodist Church Graduate, SMU 1973 (BM) and 1978 (MMuEd)

4424 William Wallace Episcopal I was an assistant professor of English at SMU, 68-70. While the connection is tenuous and long ago, I am still distressed at any more Bush connection t;han already exists.

4427 Burton Bumgarner 1979 graduate of Perkins School of Theology (M.S.M.) Member and employee of the Lutheran Church (ELCA) This equates SMU with the far right political agenda and philosophy.

4485 Russell H Bates Graduate SMU Law School, 1996 Germantown United Methodist Church, inactive member

4489 Anonymous Unaffiliated. My late brother attended SMU Law School and were he still alive, he would be appalled to see SMU associated with such an unchristian, uncompassionate, uncaring, unpatriotic, and grossly arrogant administration.

4491 Tim Hoke Carbondale 1st United Methodist, Carbondale, IL My father, a Methodist minister in Herrin, IL, received his Masters of Divinity at SMU. I lived there as a baby while my father attended school, and again as a freshman 1995. I am also an Army officer, and to think that a man whose legacy is one of war and betrayal of basic christian ideals (peace making, care for the poor and underprivileged, giving), will forever be aligned with SMU. I spent many days wandering the campus, impressed by its beauty and how lucky I was to go to school there. A Bush library in its midst would only betray the basic ideals the university should stand for.

4523 Mark Benavides SMU alum. Although I am not a Methodist, I agree that the Bush Library should not be linked with SMU. The policies of his administration are opposite to the goals and views of SMU and likely any Christian religiion.

4524 dorothy (lynn) dohoney tucker I am a graduate of SMU (1967). I feel that G. W. Bush is the worst president in the history of the U.S. He is destroying the good name of the United States and G.W. Bush will tarnish SMU’s reputation if SMU honors this international villian with a campus library.

4543 BILL CHARBONNEAU I am a graduate of SMU and would not like to see my Alma Mater associated with George W. Bush. I think that linking his name with a LIBRARY is utterly inappropriate.

4549 Rick Hamilton SMU, SEAS, Class of 1989

4626 Robert H Buckner III Christ United – Memphis also SMU class of 72

4674 Anonymous No church affiliation. I did, however, gradute from SMU with an MBA (2001). I agree with the United Methodists in their belief regarding this particular circumstance.

4703 Frederick Keith Duprey St. Paul United Methodist Church, Wytheville, VA; SMU Alumnus, BBA ’91 I am utterly against SMU hosting this library. George W. Bush’s presidency has been not only a farce but a complete fiasco. In fact, I think it is quite ironic that President Bush would even have a library in his name given his lack of intelligence, forward thinking, and composure.

4779 Alan Alford SMU Class of 1984

4783 Anonymous ST. MARKS PRESBYTERIAN .My father went to SMU after world war two to get his degree in engineering and if he were alive today he would be infuriated at the idea of a library representing a president who wages an unjust war on the campus he proudly attended

4802 Dan Perkins Third generation SMU alum. Life long member of United Methodist Church. Active member and teacher at Wesley UMC, Greenville, Texas

4819 Rev. T. Paul Kethley SMU Perkins Class of ’94, FUMC, Lindale pastor

4839 Susan J. Pennington As an alumni of SMU (’90), I strongly urge the Board of Trustees not to accept the Bush Presidential Library.

4854 Richard D Adams United Methodist Clergy SMU Perkins School of Theology, MTh 1979, DMin, 1995

4860 Winifred Council St.Stephen UMC Mesquite, TX graduate of SMU

4897 George E. Hopkins, Ph.D SMU graduate, B.A., 1959

4912 Stephanie Hayers Harris Lifelong United Methodist; currently a member of Trinity UMC, Beaumont, Texas. SMU–BA 1987

4924 Rev. Dale Hensarling United Methodist Pastor- SMU Alum La. Annual Conference

4925 Tom Franke Methodist, SMU graduate, A person who believes that a person of low ethical standards has no place at our fine university

4930 John R Gealy SMU ’51, Episcopalian There must be a complete separation between the university and any think tank that has any agenda whatsoever.

4938 David Burgess Actually, I am not a Methodist, but I am an SMU Alumnus, having two degrees from that institution, and I hope you’ll let me sign here.


5086 Daniel Bland I am a SMU student.

5101 Norah RunningWolf My brother went to SMU many years ago. To allow a President who has trodden over Human Rights, denied Science and Education to further his own political goals, who has caused the slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians over lies and falsehoods, who continues in spite of the desires of Americans, has no right to be enshrined in such a fine institution as SMU!!!

5114 Linda K Morgan-Clark United Methodist Clergy (on voluntary location), and Ministerial Member of First United Methodist Church, Muskogee, OK. MTh, 1985, SMU, Perkins School of Theology

5120 Stephen Whitley graduate of SMU with a M.A. in English

8669 T. Nichols Evans UMC M Div Perkins 1972

8676 Betty Burer Torres SMU undergraduate 1941-43. This is a disgrace and humiliation to our school which upholds Christian principles.

8721 Roy Calhoun Raised First Methodist Grand Prairie Both parents graduates of SMU 5th generation Texan, born in Dallas

8723 Camp Gilliam Methodist and graduate of SMU

8736 Susan Grove-DeJarnett Member, Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church, Johnson City, TN. My husband holds two degrees from SMU.

8747 Dean A. Sanders Baptized and confirmed First Church, Bowie, Texas affliate member First Church, Wichita Falls, Texas Southern Methodist University; Bachelor of Science 1977 (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) Money and prestige, if we accept, so the argument goes; loss of honor, somehow, if we do not. Consider however that education is a hallmark of Methodism’s ministry to the world, and SMU is our beau ideal of that part of our faith. The library would demean, diminish and deprecate us. Boiled down, John Wesley would not approve.

8802 Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins I attend Kenilworth Union Church, an independent protestant church, but am a religious studies major and history minor graduate of SMU, class of 1978. I cannot agree more strongly with this petition. I was absolutely HORRIFED at the thought of SMU becoming the home of the Bush Library. I will personally commit to leading a campaign in the Chicago area with every single SMU alum to withhold all of our financial support of the University if they agree to house this historical travesty.

8800 Dwight L. Kintner Retired UMC minister and missionary serving churches since 1950 Perkins School of Theology, MA, 1952

8811 Karen Rymph Smarsh Alumnus of Perkins School of Theology, SMU

8833 Paul Norrigan Methodist, active member of Green Land Hills United Methodist Church. I am also an Alumnus and a current graduate student at SMU. As such I would hope that my input would have a measure of weight and credibility on this issue. As such I vehemently oppose any move or decisions to make my Alma Mater the residence of the Presidential Library for President Gorge W. Bush. This would, in my opinion, have an derisive effect on the standing of SMU and its Alumni. After all, in choosing to go to any college one takes into account, as well as other factors, the prestige the school will have as part of ones future attributes. I believe this move to host the Presidential library is one that is misguided and will cause harm to the image of the school. One must remember, like it or not, that the current president is ridiculed for his lack of statesmanship, intellectual acumen, and his distaste for reading! Is this really the image SMU would care to set for its academic endeavor? Let us not be too hasty or naive as to think that this would not be the case. We would be forever liked to the president who cares not for books.8839 Rev. John Ellinger Pastor Central UMC, Traverse City, MI As a pastor and alum of SMU (Perkins School of Theology, I oppose locating the Bush library, museum and think tank at SMU. It is inconsistent with the theology and principles of Methodism.

8841 Carolyn Hubach I am a member of the United Methodist Church and am an alumni of SMU. I believe President Bush’s policies during his term as president are counter to education and the beliefs of the United Methodist Church. The acceptance of this library would be a total embarrassment to SMU students, faculty and alumni, and would only foster the belief that SMU’s board of trustees is packed with Bush cronies. I will not support SMU in any way if this library is approved.

8851 Sheriden Thomas I used to teach at SMU and believe that this chioce will harm SMU’s reputation. This man has done a terrible job.

8854 Marion Wesley Sprague, II SMU graduate, BBA 1970 member St. Pauls United Methodist Church Northport, N.Y.

8869 Sally Vahle Unitarian Universalist SMU Alum

8895 Chris Lowdon SMU alum and long time visitor and volunteer for First Methodist in Dallas.

8976 Conrad F. Damian, Jr. Broadway Christian Parish United Methodist Church, South Bend, Indiana, Lay Leader, alumnus of SMU, 1968

8987 ralph reasor non-denominational GRADUATE SMU-59

9005 Paul Stanfield Member of United Methodist Churc Graduate, SMU Law, 1973

9043 Doug Barnes I was brought up a Methodist and am a graduate of SMU (1989). The thought of a George W. Bush library and right wing think tank at SMU disgusts me.

9051 Jennifer Ritter SMU B.A. 1995

9063 Timothy Moriarty SMU Class of 88

9064 Cynthia H. Morriss Westlake United Methodist Church, Austin B.A. and J.D. from SMU

9065 Robert S. Bridges Class of 1999 – SMU Law School

9073 Pamela Sanchez-Kruvand graduated with 2 degrees from SMU in 1988. I strongly believe this institution should not be linked with a president so closely associated with evangelical christianity and their fanatical belief

9130 Seth Young MTS Student at Perkins School of Theology, ’08 Graduate of Southern Methodist University, ’06

9131 Daniel Weaver SMU Graduate (Master’s Degree 2004) Pending Methodist

9133 Rev. William Bouton United Methodist pastor for 41 years. Retired member of the Wyoming Conference (NY & PA). The soul of SMU is at risk. To house the library of the lying butcher Bush is a spiritual disaster for this denomination and school.

9134 Rev. Frank Shomo United Methodist Church-graduate of SMU and Perkins School of Theology

9168 Bharat Chandra As an otherwise proud and caring alumnus of SMU, I feel compelled to support these Ministers in their large-minded concerns. Establishing this library on campus will cause many potential students and leaders to look elsewhere for their education. It will siphon, even filter the future student body in a way which will likely damage the legacy of SMU’s committment to diversity and moral balance.

9175 Chappell Temple, Ph.D. As a pastor within the Texas Confernece, an alumni of SMU (BA, BFA, 1974) and the parent of a recent graduate, I find this petition to be unhelpful to both the best interests of the university and of the church. Whether one agrees with the politics of Mr. Bush or not, it is clear that these have been important times in the life of our nation and the study of them cannot help but be in accordance with the educational mission of the school. If we really do embrace open doors and open minds as a church, why would we ever wish to close off such a venue simply because some may think one of the chief actors in this era did not approximate political views closer to to our own? That would seem to be both narrow and disrespectful of the biblical teaching to respect authority, even those with whom we disagree. I don’t know if you are posting opposing comments on your website (I did not find such) but an open inquiry would also seem to presuppose that, as well.

9180 carolyn l. collins 1985 smu law school graduate

9187 Molly Wood SMU Master of Arts graduate in 1992.

9205 Sharon Johnson Himsl United Methodist SMU is my alma mater. While establishment of the Bush library at SMU would sadden me, a Bush Institute would outrage me. Such an institute should have no connection with United Methodism.

9217 George Cochrum First United Methodist Church, Missouri City TX I also am an alumni of SMU. I very strongly oppose anything that Bush has anything to do with. He is responsible for the needless deaths of thousands of people and soldiers.

9226 Lesley Ann Earles United Methodist; seminary graduate

9227 Gail E. Jordan Ashland United Methodist Church, Columbia, S.C. My nephew graduated from SMU in May, 2006. We are opposed to Bush’s War tactics and policies which have undermined this nation’s greatest strengths – its’ freedoms and recognizions of equality for all. How can SMU advocate anything that is going to remind us and the world of Bush’s failures and divisiveness- he will be forever remembered as being the worse president in the history of this nation – how can SMU be part of this legacy?? A neo-con think tank to be located on the SMU campus. Shame on the advocates and administration backing this ridiculous plan.

9231 Michael Fuller Methodist. I hold an undergraduate and MBA from SMU. I sent both my boys to SMU. They hold undergraduate degrees and the youngest holds an additional Masters in Math. I have SMU in our family Trust and intended to leave money to the school for scholarships. If the Board of Trustees go through with this, I will change my plans. I cannot support this move to tarnish my school and it’s reputation by linking to this criminal.

9235 James O. Burch United Methodist Pastor, Retired Desert Southwest Annual Conference Perkins Graduate, Class of 1980 As a Perkins alum and the holder of another master’s degree from SMU, I urge the appropriate authorities to pass to another institution the privilege of a George W. Bush Presidential Library. My understanding is that Baylor University was also a finalist. I think, I hope, that Bush’s orientation is much closer to Baylor’s than it is to SMU’s. SMU’s history is rooted in the classical academic disciplines, with an emphasis on diversity of thought as well as clarity of expression. To have a George W. Bush Presidential Library affiliated with SMU would project an entirely different symbol.

9256 Martha Maxfield Cottingham BFA from SMU in 1974 church affiliation: Presbyterian

9263 Blaine Hamilton Assembly of God & Perkins School of Theology Alum

9265 Frank Smith Attend United Methodist Church in Laguna Beach California. Undergraduate student at SMU 1955-1958.

9267 barry skiles As a graduate of SMU’s undergraduate school and law school and a member of the Methodist Church, I am profoundedly saddened at the prospect of George Bush being associated with my university. Such an association is antithetical to everything I learned at SMU and to everything that my wonderful university stands for. There is no humanity in George Bush and such an association will forever bring shame on this fine university. My best memories of SMU are of a place of learning which always focused on the grand liberal traditions of humanity in an effort to carry social justice and the Christian message throughout the world. The association of my university with a man like George Bush is a turning that I never dreamed could possibly ever happen.

9272 James Edward Carter Retired United Methodist Elder, Southwest Texas Annual Conference; graduate of Perkins School of Theology, SMU

9299 The Rev. Gordon A. Roe Retired elder, Southwest Texas Conference 2nd of 3-generation SMU family

9301 Cindy Weir UM/Father- UM Minister with PhD, Mother- UM Diaconal Minister, both graduates of SMU

9316 Karen Cochrum First United Methodist Church Missouri City, TX As a Methodist and SMU alum, I feel the library is linking church and state in a way that is inappropriate for many who do not agree with Bush’s policies.

9326 Charissa Terranova Atheist and professor at SMU

9334 Allen Osborn I am not a Methodist however my bother is a sophomore at SMU. I do not want my brother to be attending a terrorist target. I also do not want SMU to be tagged as a “conservative” university as UC Berkeley is tagged as a “liberal” university.

9340 Robert O. Hull Perkins 1968 I strongly support this petition. I am very proud of my education and Th.M I received from SMU. I am also proud of being a Methodist and a Texan; Mr Bush’s ideology does not respect either. I believe, were Mr. Wesley alive; he would also sign this petition.

9357 K. Hassell United Church of Canada; Graduate of SMU

9359 Stephen Lee United Methodist pastor with theology and sacred music degrees from SMU

9376 Dan Lundy As a Protestant and SMU alumi member, I am horrified that SMU is considering endorsing what Bush represents. A Bush library will forever associate SMU with his legacy of violence. That may get high-fives in Texas… but for SMU grads who live in more enlightened areas of the world, it will be an embarrassment. Please do not build this library.

9377 Patricia B. Reagan Trinity United Methodist Church Columbus, Ohio B.S. Southern Methodist University 1976 Summa Cum Laude

9378 Sydney C. Reagan Northhaven Methodist Church Dallas, Texas Professor, Southern Methodist University Retired

9394 Anonymous Oak Hill UMC, Austin,TX Member and former student of SMU

9400 Anonymous Hanscom Park United Methodist Church Omaha, Nebraska Perkins School of Theology Alum

9404 Lori Block Former Methodist, graduate of SMU

9460 Cynthia Garza Methodist; SMU Alum

9462 Betty Curry member, Travis Park United Methodist Church, San Antonio, daughter of Perkins-grad, retired UM pastor (father) and SMU grad (mother).

9480 Stephanie G. Reed Alumni of Southern Methodist University

9512 Steve Strickland Member of St. phillip the apostle Catholic Church Lewisville, Texas As a Christian and a parent of a graduate of SMU I can not understand why SMU would even consider wasting valuable resources on a Bush library.

9518 Professor Aldo Billingslea Southern Methodist University Meadows School of the Arts Class of 1991, MFA

9534 Susanna W. Southard Kansas East Conference, ordained elder, Perkins graduate (MDiv ’89)

9540 Colin Cameron SMU law school alum, no church affiliation

9579 Jon Shaver I am an alumnus of SMU and I am utterly and whole-heartedly againest this library. A George W. Bush Thinktank??? Come on!!!

9580 Jolie Kobrinsky SMU Graduate, MFA Theatre 1991, Mother, wife, concerned citizen

9597 Dr. Richard L. Wright Perkins graduate ’56. Retired United Methodist Clergy. The linking of SMU with this President will bring no honor to him nor to our institution. The United Methodist Church stands opposed to such an idea if you follow any of the pronoucements of our General Conference on issues of war and human dignity.

9606 Shannon Lynch SMU Alumni 1996

9632 Daniel L. Adcock As an alumnus of SMU, I assure you that if SMU accepts this disgraceful stink tank, I will never give any further support to the school you will have thereby disgraced by your association with the worst President this nation has ever suffered.

9639 Stacy Davies Former SMU student 1987-88.

9 Responses to Comments by students, alumni, and former faculty

  1. Steve Cochran says:

    I’m a life-long Methodist, and an alum of SMU, The Bush Library is obviously of great historical significance, and would be an asset to the University. Keep politics out of it.

  2. Since I first posted here, I have sent a letter to the president of SMU returning my diploma in protest of the university’s apparent decision to act as the site for the Bush library and “think tank”. I made this move only after much thought. I urge other graduates to consider joining me in this protest.

  3. Sam Boyd says:

    We love the SMU we knew. We have spent endless hours of free thinking joy at Lectures, Libraries and Museums. It’s all going to be destroyed in order to build an edifice. So be it.

    A Great Tragedy awaits the SMU Student Body and the community. I am putting my comment in this column, so that the progeny of the ill-equipped administrators can’t say they didn’t know that International Terrorists would blow up the Bush Library.

    Not a single terrorism expert has questioned that the Bush Library will become a prime target once built. The faculty and Student Body at the time of the attack will never be buried, as modern, nuclear weapons will reduce bodies to dust and the surrounding buildingsa and neighborhoods to unrecognizable rubble.

    SMU is making possible the greatest celebration this century for the Islamic Extremists and the worst day for Dallas which will become a “has been city, an archeological site,” at best.

    If George and Laura care about this city, they would direct the Library to Waco where the attack would do far less damage than the destruction of this fine community, with nuclear fallout likely to render the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex uninhabitable, forever.

    Have you seen war? Up close? If you stay in Dallas, you will become one on the hundreds of thousands sacrificed in the name of the destruction of the edifice dedicated to George Bush, the man hated by more people than any other man in the world.

    If I could stop it, I would. But, the only way to stop it is not to build it.
    The Dallas political partisans value the Library more than the lives in this community. They will build it, and the Islamic radicals will completely destroy it; everything.

    God Bless all of you, but I will be gone when the day arrives. From the air, mass destruction will follow; total destruction of the Library and everything around it. The air attack can not be stopped nor interdicted. It is impossible to stop, as experienced, trained combat soldiers know. The Target Builders won’t discuss the obvious, nor disclose the obvious to the citizens entitled to know what is coming.

    Highland Park and University Park property is only years away from having no inhabitants and no value to anyone. A wasteland, never to be rebuilt.


    Sam Boyd
    Dallas, Texas
    Capt, US Army Special Forces, 1967-72
    Vietnam Veteran
    Enlisted Demolitions Specialist, 6th Special Forces Group (Abn)
    A-Team Leader, 7th Special Forces Group (Abn)
    Rifle Platoon Leader, 173rd Airborne Brigade (Vietnam)
    Rifle Company Commander, 82nd Airborne Division

  4. Cheryl Logan says:

    This SMU Alum thinks that while being a terrorist target would be horrible,
    worse would be taking the spirit of open inquiry in a great university and assocating
    it with the closed-mindedness, arrogoance and paranoia of the Bush Administration.

    Don’t do it SMU!!

    Cheryl A. Logan, Ph. D.
    Class of ’67

  5. Patricia M. Williams says:

    It is wrong that SMU, which has upheld the strong moral foundation of the United Methodists, should have, as part of their campus, a library and think tank dedicated to the policies of a president who has violated our Constitution and the Geneva Conventions bringing about massive death and destruction otherwise known as war crimes and crimes against humanity, authorizing kidnappings and tortures around the world and corrupting our system of justice, disrupting our environmental protections, disrupting scientific integrity within our government and establishing a privatized military. What might this planned “think tank” be doing at SMU that could be congruent with United Methodist values?

  6. TJ says:

    Like Steve Cochran noted, it’s an asset to any college to get a presidential library and that doesn’t change what the school stands for. It’s a place for learning, keep your political views out of it. The Bush family has more morals than the Clinton’s ever will. It couldn’t be more fitting for SMU to have the GW Bush Library present, with the First Lady’s educational past with the university. Get over it people, it’s a bldg with books.

  7. M. Carroll says:

    I stumbled upon this website while “googling” a friend.
    I am not shocked, but deeply dissapointed by the hysteria and total willful ignorance of who George Bush is as a person and what he has stood for and tried to accomplish as President. I am most disgusted by the older people who have posted and especially people who have mentioned that they are Christians or even work in within a Church. None of the things that are being said about President Bush are remotely evocative of a Christian spirit or attitude. He has protected us from many things and shouldered incredible burdens. He is personally disciplined and would rather learn about history and read some of the greatest authors that have ever written, than gaze at his own navel and ponder great thoughts about un-founded and un-focused hope and non-existent, or worse destructive, change. I think it would be especially fitting to have a library built with his name on it. He would even be the type of person to generously include the current “president”‘s two auto-mythologies in his library; they will take away space from books that have actual value and knowledge in them, but he would probably be nice enough to include them anyway. I personally can’t wait for his library to be built, I plan to go there often and I will always be proud of George W. Bush. He stood for and believed in the things that have actually worth and meaning for our lives and for this country and it’s precious future. A future that has been bought from us by a person who is devoid of real intelligence and any actually morality or ethics.
    I wonder if this is not some other way that the terrorist spirit has taken hold of so many that they want to bully a school, that bears a Christian denominations name and, I hope, beliefs, into not honoring a brother in the faith because the unbelievers don’t like him. Because he has shown no fear of the kind of people who are writing on this site, SMU should follow his example and not be bullied.
    God Bless George W. Bush and God have mercy on America!

  8. Cherie R. Boeneman says:

    1982 graduate of Perkins School of Theology.

    George W. Bush will go down in history not only as one of the worst Presidents of the United States but also one of the most immoral. His library being placed at a church related institution of higher learning is a sacrilege. Not that the Trustees or anyone else at SMU cares but I will certainly not be supporting the school financially in the future.

  9. Kay says:

    Christians don’t fabricate reasons for going to war in order to fulfill a hidden personal agenda! The US SENATE found in June, 2008, that both GW BUSH and DICK CHENEY MADE up many WMD CLAIMS to trick this nation into a war where hundreds of thousands of innocents were slaughtered, over five thousand being American soldiers. No real Christian admires (and even appears to worship) evil! Spend quiet time reevaluating your standards for character and morals in human beings.


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