Blog Round-Up

What are other bloggers from SMU, University Park, the Metroplex, and around the country saying about the proposal to build the George W. Bush Presidential Library-Museum-Institute, hereinafter known as the Bush LMI, at Southern Methodist University? Web searches reveal, as you might expect, a wide range of opinions.

Many find dark humor in the subject. Others are thoughtful, concerned, skeptical, or scathing, and provide in-depth information about the backstory to these events. And some are outraged by the outrage. The MoJo Blog also commented on the “Attack of the Methodists,” while at least two diaries at Daily Kos recently examined the controversy.

Several Dallas and Park Cities bloggers discuss the Methodist petition, land, and traffic; one points out that relations between SMU and University Park are especially strained at the moment.

Three SMU professors discuss their reasons for supporting or opposing the library, and another SMU student weighs in with her own opinion on the LMI; I hope that many more will do the same.


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