Robert Wilonsky in the Dallas Observer

A fairly obnoxious piece — my colleague, Susanne Johnson, has been subjected to a lot of attacks that border on the ad hominem, from many quarters — but does reflect the extent to which the debate on campus has now come to focus largely (though not entirely) on the Institute.

SMU Profs Easily Housebroken, Looks Like
Robert Wilonsky
The Dallas Observer
January 25, 2007

Susanne Johnson, SMU Christian prof, isn’t so rankled by the Dubya library no more. Shame.

You have two choices this morning: You can read the Associated Press’ piece about SMU profs softening their stance on the George Dubya Library, or you can go to my new favorite blog – The Bush Library Blog, run by assistant professor of history Benjamin Johnson – to get a first-hand accounting of how SMU prez Gerald Turner got them rabble-rousers to put down their rabble and stop being so ‘roused. Me, I’m a bit disappointed that associate Christian-ed prof Susanne Johnson and retired theology prof William McElvaney could be so easily assuaged; after all, they’re the authors of the pissed-off missive that started this debate in the first place. But now, looks like the folks who blamed the e-mail on the dog are tucking tails twixt legs.

Continued here.


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