Baylor Student Newspaper Rejects Library

The kids are allright! 

Amazing timing — on the same day as SMU’s Daily Campus expressed grave concerns about the Institute, the Baylor Lariat expressed its outright opposition to the library:

Consequences of Bush library outweigh benefits
Staff Editorial
Jan. 26, 2007

When the location for George W. Bush’s presidential library is decided in a few weeks, someone is bound to be disappointed.

Undisclosed amounts of money have gone into attempting to persuade the site selection committee to choose an appropriate location.

All but one contender will have wasted the majority of that money. The losers will only have the national attention that has come out of the race as a benefit. And with the University of Dallas dropping out of the running Monday, the race is now just between Baylor and Southern Methodist University.

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One Response to Baylor Student Newspaper Rejects Library

  1. Robert Pence says:

    I am an active member of Kent Island United Methodist Church in MD. Every time I open the paper, especially when there is some particular event, President Bush is shown attending the Episcopal Church. I have never seen a photo of him at the Methodist Church in Washington that his father attended and President Clinton attended.
    His views on war and the death penalty are in conflict with the book of disciplin and all positions on these matters taken by the UMC.
    His library and think tank belong at Yale or a University of Texas sight, not at SMU

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