Concerns mount over Bush library

Probably the best story in terms of its understanding of the changed dynamics of the debate on campus. It’s also important to note that SMU’s administration has clearly backed off of its earlier, groundless assertions that there is widespread faculty support for the Bush Library-Museum-Institute.

Concerns mount over Bush library
Miguel Bustillo
Los Angeles Times
January 26, 2007

HOUSTON β€” More than a quarter of the faculty at Southern Methodist University on Thursday demanded a referendum on whether the Dallas campus should become the home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, if that means accepting a conservative think tank as part of the deal.

The petition, which was signed by 170 faculty members β€” including professors from all six SMU schools, several department chairs and past presidents of the faculty senate β€” is the latest sign of rancor over the proposal to bring Bush’s papers and an institute touting his legacy to the university.

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