SMU Student Government Endorses Library

Yesterday afternoon SMU’s student senate voted to endorse the Library, Museum, and Institute. (it is not clear to me from the article, or from the account of a colleague who attended the senate meeting, whether the senate is aware of the distinctions between the Library-Museum and the Institute.)

The editorial board of the Daily Campus has expressed no view on the library itself, but has raised a set of concerns about the Institute. More student engagement with the issues may be forthcoming.

Student Senate Endorses Quest for Bush Library
A. Neely Eisenstein
SMU Daily Campus
January 31, 2007

Student Senate voted to support the Bush Library in its entirety Tuesday evening. It is the first time a student organization on campus has publicly taken a side on the Bush Library debate.

The past few weeks have sparked a great deal of debate nationwide regarding the possibility of SMU hosting the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Faculty members have voiced concerns about the so-called “think tank” portion of the library; Methodists across the country have come together in a single petition against the institute; countless numbers of opinion pieces have been written and published in national media organizations; and now, an SMU student organization has chosen a side.

The resolution supporting the Bush Library and Institute passed after a few short comments. The final vote resulted in 27 yeas and five nays.

Continued here.

One Response to SMU Student Government Endorses Library

  1. John Jose says:

    I am the author of said legislation endorsing the Bush Library and Institute and would like to clarify the intent of the legislation as there seems to be some confusion (see post above). The legislation clearly states that we support both the Library and the political think-tank Institute; this was a conscious decision as the Institute is what is drawing the ire of those in opposition.

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