Bill may loosen Bush grip on papers

Bill may loosen Bush grip on papers
Sudeep Reddy
The Dallas Morning News
March 1, 2007

WASHINGTON – A bipartisan group of lawmakers on Thursday took aim at the Bush administration’s stance on limiting the release of presidential documents, an effort that could determine the ultimate value of President Bush’s library to researchers.

A House bill seeks to nullify Mr. Bush’s November 2001 executive order that allows former presidents and their heirs to keep White House papers secret forever. Critics say the order, now facing a court challenge, would let ex-presidents hide unflattering decisions from the lens of history.

Unless the order is overturned, some scholars said Thursday, Mr. Bush’s library – expected to be built at Southern Methodist University – may be deprived of much of the substance that would make it a meaningful source of information.

Continued here.

For an historian and former archivist’s impressions of yesterday’s hearing, see this comment.

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