apologies for the mix-up

So sorry, Ms. Krusten. I thought it was an active link.


5 Responses to apologies for the mix-up

  1. Maarja Krusten says:

    I don’t mind myself, I actually linked to it through your blog to an Archives Listserv AFTER I saw you had it posted. So some people have gotten an early start on reading it. HNN will probably go active with its entire March 5 list of articles tomorrow. But I personally don’t mind that you put this up although I don’t know how you found it. So, no problem.

  2. Editor says:

    Well, I took it down, anyway — I actually found it through the referrals to this blog, and when I clicked on the link, it worked, so I thought it was already posted there. I will repost it tomorrow.

  3. Maarja Krusten says:

    No problem. Actually, it even shows up in Google. Anyone who does a search in Google today for Maarja Krusten AND “When Archivists Deal with Power Players”
    will be directed to the link on the HNN which does already work, as you found out. HNN seems to have put it up early but not unveiled it yet.

  4. Maarja Krusten says:

    I’ve done some checking around, looks as if you are all right in having this up on Sunday, as mentioned above. In fact, it doesn’t look as if it was a problem to have it up today. Yeah, I did include a hyperlink to your blog in the text, I figured that is how it came to your attention.

  5. Editor says:

    Great, then I’ll repost it tomorrow. And thanks again for the links to the hearing testimony, and for catching that embarrassing misidentification of that other link, yesterday!

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