Faculty Senate Passes One Resolution, Ties on Other

March 7, 2007

More soon from my colleague Steve Sverdlik, but for now, the Faculty Senate passed a strong resolution on concurrent appointments, and deadlocked 13-13 on a second one that called for the Bush Institute either to be made a non-partisan outfit under university control, or to not be affiliated with SMU in any way.  These votes reflect just how concerned the faculty is with the unprecedented arrangement with the Institute that is being contemplated.  I’m proud that the Faculty Senate went on record, and we may not have heard the last from it — the meeting lasted for more than two hours, and several senators had to leave, and the final vote was not by secret ballot.  So depending on the adminstration’s response — which I suspect won’t be to merely blow off the Senate, as it did for the last resolution — we may not have heard the last of the Senate.