Fallout over faculty senate vote

Fallout over faculty senate vote
A. Neely Eisenstein
SMU Daily Campus
March 9, 2007

Some Faculty Senate members are calling for a revote after a resolution regarding the Bush Institute failed on Wednesday with a vote of 13-13 and three abstentions. Another resolution calling for concurrent appointments at the institute to be appointed by both SMU and the institute passed.

The resolution that failed called on the university to choose one of two options: the institutions could either be completely separate from SMU or else it would have to submit to SMU’s governance.

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In the first instance, the institute would not allowed to be associated with the SMU name without the university’s permission, nor would it be located on campus.

“The main point of connection between a possible Bush Institute and the university would be concurrent appointments of SMU faculty members with the Institute or of Institute Fellows with the university,” said Provost Thomas Tunks in an e-mail interview.


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