SMU Daily Campus story on new anti-Bush Institute petition

Faculty members launch anti-institute petition
Sarah Scott
SMU Daily Campus
April 5, 2007

A group of SMU faculty members announced the launch of an online petition against the Bush Institute on Wednesday.

According to Perkins School of Theology professor Susanne Johnson, the open letter to SMU President R. Gerald Turner and the Board of Trustees was a collaborative effort between her and about a dozen other professors. In it, they challenge the notion that the Bush complex is an all-or-nothing deal.

“There are a good many of us faculty members who do not buy the all-or-nothing mantra,” said Johnson. “It’s evident that George Bush wants to come to SMU bad enough that, more likely than not, he’s open to negotiation.”

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2 Responses to SMU Daily Campus story on new anti-Bush Institute petition

  1. Alan Culpin says:

    The narrow mindedness of many faculty and religous leaders is fully exposed over the issue of the Bush Library being located under the umbrella of SMU. Those people should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, and it is they, not the President, who will give SMU a bad reputation. Despite all the negative rhetoric coming from the screaming Mimis of the left wing, there are a great many well-informed people who feel that President Bush has done an outstanding job of defending this country, as well as in many other spheres. Compare and Contrast that with his predecessor! No wonder Christianity is in such trouble today, with such ignorant and narrow minded leadership. The bias of academics is well known, and perpetually ignorant.

  2. Farinata X says:

    Well, one certainly cannot deny that Christianity suffers from “ignorant and narrow minded [sic] leadership.”

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