Plans for Bush library stir Texas-size tempest

A thoughtful piece by the Tribune’s White House correspondent, who captures the debates within the faculty and Methodist Church as well as offering a glimpse of how some outside experts perceive the Bush complex.

Plans for Bush library stir Texas-size tempest
Mark Silva
The Chicago Tribune
April 8, 2007

DALLAS — For Southern Methodist University, the alma mater of First Lady Laura Bush and a proud, nearly century-old institution, the prospect of housing the George W. Bush Presidential Library would seemingly be an honor.

Yet the possible advent of the Bush library — and especially an ideological think tank planned as part of it — has split the SMU faculty, feeding a debate that simmers beneath the serenity of the leafy campus. At an institution dedicated to scholarly achievement and academic freedom, many fear the work of the Bush Institute would forever associate SMU with a right-wing political agenda.

Continued here.

See also the discussion at the Chicago Tribune blog, here.

(Note: this post is back-dated)


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