Continued Faculty Wariness of Bush Institute on Display in Senate

We’ll have a guest blog posted soon, but for now a brief summary and links to media coverage: yesterday the Faculty Senate passed two resolutions affirming the separation of the Institute from the University and calling for the Institute to not be able to use SMU’s name. A third resolution, with very strong language urging SMU’s president not to strike a deal with the Bush people that included an Institute, was narrowly defeated. (I’m amazed that it got 15 votes — 18 voted against, and two obstained). One of the resolutions that passed stipulated that the Bush Institute should invite speakers and participation by people representing a range of political views. Let’s hope so, but this strikes me as close to a fantasy given everything that we know about the Bush people.

The Daily Campus and Dallas Morning News both ran stories describing the outcome. The Morning News story is on page two of the front section, but I don’t seem to be able to find it on the paper’s cumbersome website — do post a link if you see it.

Updated to add the link to the Dallas Morning News story.


One Response to Continued Faculty Wariness of Bush Institute on Display in Senate

  1. Farinata X says:

    Here is a link to an article in The New Republic about Bush’s favorite historian, Andrew Roberts. I predict that members of The Clements Department of History will have this person as a colleague sooner rather than later.

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