University Park Election Awaits; Is An Announcement Pending?

May 1, 2007

This past weekend’s Dallas Morning News ran a report on the May 12 University Park election, which includes a ballot measure to give approval to the municipality to sell a small strip of land to SMU for potential use in the Bush complex.  “No Park Cities election in recent years,” reporter Kristen Holland writes, “has garnered nearly as much attention from residents, let alone such high-profile figures,” including eight former mayors and a campaign-consulting firm hired by SMU.  Perhaps this pending election is one reason that no announcement has been made as to whether a final deal has been struck between SMU and the Bush people, despite the fact that university spokespeople have been telling reporters that “it’s a matter of weeks, not months” since February?  Bulldozers have all but cleared the old University Gardens apartment complex, and earlier this week I heard a staff member talking about how “people from DC” were already coming down to Dallas, so this may all be a done deal, with details revealed later.