More On University Park Vote

This weekend the Dallas Morning News ran the most extensive coverage yet of the politics of the Potomac Park vote in University Park.  The map accompanying the article offers a clear depiction of the patterns of land ownership and land use in the area where the Bush complex will be built.  The article covers the organization and lobbying efforts in favor of the sale of the Potomac strip, but virtually none to those opposed, so I’m left with something of a mystery as to why this vote is in doubt.

One Response to More On University Park Vote

  1. g allen says:

    There is a pretty simple solution to the Potomac strip that SMU wants!! If they want it bad enough, propose a TRADE. That strip in trade for UP’s choice of SMU property. See, easy!! In fact I think the whole Bushy Library thingy should be halted until his term is really up so then all that want it there will see that we really don’t want to be associated with his ilk!! IJS

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