Blog to Go on Hiatus

Dear Readers —

It’s been a long, strange, sometimes frustrating but often rewarding and illuminating trip since the blog was launched in January.  Now I’m putting it on hiatus, meaning that I won’t even be attempting to keep up with whatever new developments occur (surely some kind of announcement will be made soon, perhaps even next week, after SMU’s graduation).  I’m taking this step because I think that the blog has served its purpose, helping to elucidate the key issues in the swirl of debates and to offer a wide range of resources to those participating and following the debate, a crew that has included SMU students, faculty, alumni, and administrators, as well as an international assortment of journalists, political activists, scholars, and policy-makers.  In the process, I hope that SMU has come across as the rising, accomplished institution, full of thoughtful people of diverse perspectives that I know it to be.  Another reason that this is a timely cessation is that I’ll soon be unable to keep up with the blog, as I’m off to Washington, D.C. for a research stint in the Library of Congress for my project on conservation in the Progressive Era.

If you’re just now encountering this blog, the following posts may be particularly helpful or insightful:

Presidential Library scholar Benjamin Hufbauer’s reflections on the Bush debate and the future of Presidential Libraries.

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 A History Lesson Approved by the White House

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Dallas Resident Offers Perspective on Library, SMU from beyond Academia

Nebraska History Professor Weighs in on Bush Complex, SMU’s Reputation

Thanks to all, whatever your views on the subject, who have taken the time to read or make contributions.

–Ben Johnson

2 Responses to Blog to Go on Hiatus

  1. Maarja Krusten says:

    And thank YOU, Ben, for keeping up such an interesting and informative a blog and most of all, for being so welcoming of many perspectives, including mine!

    Enjoy your time in DC!!

    Best regards,


  2. Jean says:

    Thanks for the great blog. It made me laugh, it made me cry (almost)…it kept me well-informed.

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