Faculty Referendum

A significant portion of the SMU faculty has asked the Faculty Senate to hold a referendum on the Bush Institute. On this page I’ll be posting information and resources that may be of assistance to my faculty colleagues at SMU as they discuss this possibility.

Why the focus on the Bush Institute? Philosophy Professor and former Faculty Senate Secretary Steve Sverdlik offers one set of reasons. Here is his article from the Daily Campus.

How much has the Senate discussed the Bush Library and Institute to date? Judge for yourself: Here are the minutes from past Faculty Senate discussions of the Library.

Could or should the Senate decide to hold a referendum? The Senate’s constitution is silent on the question of referendums. Here are excerpts.

Here is the text of the petition:

Whereas the prospect of the George W. Bush Presidential Library coming to campus could offer SMU valuable opportunities;

Whereas on December 21, 2006, President Turner announced that Southern Methodist University was declared the sole finalist as the site for Bush Library;

Whereas the Bush Foundation has proposed, as part of its vision for a library and museum, an Institute that would remain independent of SMU;

Whereas President Turner stated in his letter to the faculty of January 5, 2007, that “the proposed Bush Institute would report to the Bush Foundation” rather than to the University;

Whereas Article IV, sec. 2b of the Faculty Senate Constitution states that the Senate’s “powers and duties” include monitoring “the activities of non-School academic institutes and programs”;

And whereas Article VI of the Faculty Senate Constitution provides that the signatures of thirty full-time faculty members can mandate a subject for Faculty Senate consideration;

THEREFORE we, the undersigned full-time faculty members of Southern Methodist University, request that by February 12, 2007, the Faculty Senate hold a referendum of the entire faculty on the acceptability of the Bush Institute as currently proposed.

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Faculty Senate Resolution on Executive Order 13233, passed by the Senate on February 14, 2007

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SMU President, Board Formally Respond to Faculty Senate . . . Or Not,” March 4, 2007

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