Faculty Senate Resolution Thanking Debate Participants


Whereas, since 21 December 2006, when President Turner announced that SMU was declared the sole finalist as the site for Bush Library many of the faculty of SMU have sought to inform themselves about the opportunities and challenges associated with bringing a Presidential Library to campus;

Whereas, since 2001 the Academic Planning Committee on the Bush Library has been meeting to plan the various academic components of the Bush Library Center;

Whereas, in early January 2007, sixty-nine faculty signed an Open Letter sponsored by Associate Professor Susanne Johnson (Perkins) and Professor Emeritus William McElvaney (Perkins);

Whereas, on 9 January 2007 150-175 faculty attended a special meeting called by Faculty Senate President Rhonda Blair to air concerns about the proposed Bush Library Center;

Whereas, on 17 January 2007 150 faculty attended the General Faculty meeting during which President Turner addressed the faculty concerning the proposed Bush Library Center;

Whereas, on 24 January 2007 150 faculty attended the special Faculty Senate meeting during with President Turner entertained nineteen faculty members’ questions and concerns about the Bush Library Center;

Whereas, 175 full-time faculty members signed a petition calling for a referendum on the acceptability of the Bush Institute, a request that was denied by the Faculty Senate 7 February 2007;

Whereas, the Faculty Senate has vigorously debated resolutions about many aspects of the proposed Bush Library Center, passing resolutions calling for a separation of funds and personnel between SMU and the Bush Institute, calling for SMU’s President R. Gerald Turner to ask President George W. Bush to revoke “Executive Order 13233, and calling on President Turner and the SMU Board of Trustees to address a list of seven concerns associated with bringing the Bush Library Center to SMU;

Whereas, seventy-two faculty members submitted comments concerning the Bush Library Center in response to a call issued 7 March 2007 from Faculty Senate Rhonda Blair;

Whereas, 120 faculty have signed an “Open Letter” released 4 April 2007 written by Associate Professor Susanne Johnson (Perkins) protesting the establishment of a partisan Bush Institute that would not come under the sovereignty of the University as part of the proposed Bush Library Center;

Whereas, faculty have published editorials in The Daily Campus, The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, have appeared as guests on television and radio talk shows, have established and contributed to internet blogs, in particular the “Bush Library Blog,” and in other countless and untold ways have contributed to public and civil discourse about the proposed Bush Library Center;

Whereas, in all these endeavors the faculty has kept academic values at the center of their inquiries into, support for, and protests against the Bush Library Center;

Be it Resolved, that the Faculty Senate, on behalf of the Faculty of Southern Methodist University, hereby expresses its appreciation and gratitude to all of the faculty who have attended meetings, signed petitions, submitted comments, and followed the debates, for their contributions to the design, development, and successful implementation according to the mission of the University of the Bush Library Center at Southern Methodist University. 


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