Comments by Library Supporters

Comments by Library Supporters from the Protect SMU Petition:

50 Cory Davenport As a soldier who has served two year-long tours in Iraq I consider the actions of many American’s now to be approaching treason. Without any doubt the attacks on our mission and Commander-In-Chief undermine morale among the troops and embolden our enemies. Anyoneone with any knowledge of history and foreign policy realizes that cutting and running now will lead to a disaster far worse than the killing fields of Cambodia after Vietnam. Get behind the soldiers! Don’t abandon the people of Iraq who need our help! How “Christian” is it to abandon people who will then be slaughtered!?! I am completely for the surge of troops as are most soldiers and REAL Americans. Stop your leftist activist abandonment of America and it’s defenders!

101 Stay Out of Politics As a lifelong Methodist your lack of respect of the presidency, ignorance of Bush’s altruistic objective, and lack of foresight embarrass me.

115 IGNORE THIS PETITION! This petition does not represent the UMC body. Many members support our president and are honored that the library would be located at SMU.

128 Did anyone ever try praying for the president? Did anyone ever try praying for the president? 142 Osama Bin-Laden United Methodist – just switched

143 Saddam Hussain Muslim. I hate Bush. Bush is bad. He killed me and my sons.

168 Jack D Ripper None. Since you appear to be on a morality kick what will you do with the SMU coeds who finance their education while working in the Dallas area strip clubs? What will you do about the crooked sports teams that SMU has fielded? What about dishonesty in the scholastic arena?

177 Peter Pan Methodist. I agree that the presidential library has no place going up to the school that brought us the most corrupt and dishonerable football program ever in sports. As completely blind people that refuse to see the picture in any aspect in life, we should instead be building a Saddam Huessein Presidential Library instead as a protest to GWB.

185 Paul Mead Taggart As a life-long United Methodist (United Methodist Temple, Lakeland, FL) and graduate of Florida Southern College, I find this petition to be appalling. You Quislings and Benedict Arnold’s should go back under the rocks you came from. You are undoubtedly doing Satan’s work for him.

204 Glint Breightly Unlike many non-members of the church who have littered this site with comments blathering forth from their hateful hearts, I am a methodist since birth, voted for George Bush in both 2000 and 2004, and remain supportive of his presidency and am honored that he would choose to build his library at his dear wife’s alma mater.

207 Hillary Clinton Athiest, I wish that all people could see that George H W Bush is the Devil, so logicly George W is the Anti-Christ. Dont forget to vote for Me, I want to be your president again!

213 Tax Man None, but I suggest that the Methodists take a long look at the tax code before throwing their church into what could become a political fray. How much money would the church lose if the church had their tax exempt status removed?

231 Ima Christian I agree with only a few of the petition signees. Most of you are a disgrace to the American way. You talk and wine and moan about how corrupt this President is and you as a denomination have no moral conscience. You (UMC) take scripture and you pick and choose what you want to believe.

233 Mahmoud Ahmadinead I hate GWB. We should impeach him right now and then impeach Cheney so that Nancy Pelosi will be president. Than I would like the US alot better. I support all the other people who signed this petition. DEATH TO AMERICA!!!

242 Bob Jones These Methodist activists on their high horse about President Bush are the same people that believe gays should be allowed to be priests and that abortion is just a form of birth control, and accepting support from catholic priests, that is a joke, I am suprised they have time to look on the internet, between molesting alter boys.

245 Former Student As a former student of SMU I find that the addition of a Bush Presidential library would do next to nothing to tarnish the already tarnish reputation of SMU. You have rich, spoiled brats, infesting the campus. You have student parking lots that look like used BMW-Mercedes-SUV car lots. Might want to take a long hard look in the mirror before casting the first stone.

257 Joe Know Christian and I think your a bunch of idiots. Your a bunch of Hillary and Bill lovers as are many other perverts.

258 Michael Walters I do not support this petition. It is evil what you are doing. Brentwood United Methodist Church, Brentwood, TN – Thank you, Sirs. Because you show such lack of conviction for the Christian faith and cannot seem to properly evaluate right from wrong, I will no longer consider myself a Methodist and, quite frankly, am embarassed to admit that I was brought up in this church. It is a shame that your permissiveness and your willingness to embrace all things Godless will bring down a once great denomination – all in the name in political correctness. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

259 Ima Christian I agree with only a few of the petition signees. Most of you are a disgrace to the American way. You talk and wine and moan about how corrupt this President is and you as a denomination have no moral conscience. You (UMC) take scripture and you pick and choose what you want to believe. I recommend that SMU change their name to Left-wing ultra liberal college of the winey people who have nothing better to do with their lives than criticize a good, moral man. If you have any problem with this contact me at but you won’t because your cowards.

267 Eric Dickerson Nigger please, do you know how much money these hipocrites paid me and others to play football at their holy institution, the people signing this petition were in the stands cheering in th 80’s

269 Johnny K HFUMC- It would be an honor to have a presidential library at a UM location and I am ashamed to be fellow UMC members with so many of these people.

279 I’m for the Bush library at SMU Church of Christ

280 Timothy Harrigan Heritage UMC, Clearwater, FL I think you guys need to find something else to do. This has nothing to do with being Methodist, and it is nothing but a political stunt. Let me remind you pharisees about what Paul says in Romans 13, but then again, I don’t think you’ve read it. This is also fueled by the faculty at SMU, who just need to do their job, and keep their opinions to themselves. If they wish to opine, then quit their jobs, write a book that will surely linger at the bottom of Amazon’s list. BTW, I’ll email the press if this goes anywhere, and ask them to check out the dissenters, who are against this folly…

290 Jack M. Off Yeah for the methodist. You have taken scripture and disregarded it. By allowing Homosexuals positions of authority in your denomination (I think scripture calls homosexuality and abomination) you have shown where your allegiance lies. You are no more a Christian denomination than is Scientology or mormonism. You my friends are a work of the Devil and you will recieve your punishment in due time. Stop your hatred.

320 John Q. Public This petition is truly sad. Why not protest the gay rights or abortion rights groups on campus if you’re so concerned about upholding the integrity of Christian faith at SMU? Oh, that’s right, this isn’t about integrity or Jesus Christ, it’s about a bunch of pharisees–in this case, from the left wing of American politics–masquerading as believers in order to force their hateful, bitter political agenda down the throats of anyone who dares to offer a voice of reason. If you want to oppose the George W. Bush Library at SMU, that’s great – this is America, and that’s what our troops are dying to protect. However, to cheapen the Word by slapping the cross on top of your efforts is absolutely sickening.

340 Library Patron Ah yes, those who complain about immoral, corrupt, and incompetent presidents will be happy to know that their heros Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and LBJ will now have their libraries moved to SMU.

356 U. R. Idiots Used to be Methodist.

456 Rick McKeel United Methodist – 18 years; Assembly of God – 10 years; Southern Baptist – 10 years The Methodist Church I grew up in is GONE! Long gone! It has been taken over by a group of left leaning idealists who pontificate veiled (or not so veiled as the case may be) political desires in the name of Christ and methodists. What happened to the ideal that we protect innocent lives by sometimes fighting wars against vicious enemies that would randomly kill innocent people. The Methodist church has chosed to render its president the vicious enemy instead — how pathetic. They apparently forget the lesson of Stalin, Hitler, Amin, Hussein, and many many others. George Bush is a saint of a man trying desperately to fight an imperfect fight against a heinous enemy (liberals and terrorists) that hides behind innocent people to fight. The Methodist Church is pathetic. And that makes me very sad.

494 UR Idiots Methodists must be nuts!!!! What an honor to host a presidential library.

495 Osama bin Laden Thank you, brothers and sisters. I know you share my hatred of the United States.

539 Joe Shit the Ragman Church of the sexual deivates AKA United Methodist

545 Sin Ality As a graduate of a totally Methodist College and Methodist, I notice most signatures are owned by retired clergy. Has Senality set in???

550 Pha Q. Hard Church of Satan

554 Last days Interesting to witness people who profess such hatred for their country’s leader while also professing such profoundly Christian principles as love for their fellow man. G_d have mercy on this country. Many, have been totally given over to their sins and have become blind. Nothing is said about the rampant immorality on the campus of SMU. Nothing is said about the hypocrisy of the writers of this petition. Did they ever attempt anything like this during Clinton’s reign?

558 John Leonard Beaches United Methodist Church I feel this petition is ridiculous; SMU should be honored to house a facility of such a great Christian man

593 Lucy Lemos I am ASHAMED over this petition – how un-American can you get? Well the Presbyterian church is just down the road. What the heck is wrong with you people anyway? I had no idea I was part of such a far left organization. Can I get the contributions to the offering plate BACK? 30 YEARS OF IT?

597 Stop Being Childish Everyone knows the United Methodist Church has become a “gay tolerant” church. This petition is nothing but angry homosexuals bitter over gay marriage lashing out at a president who stands up for traditional marriage.


635 Micke Mouse Methodist You people are idiots!!!!!!


678 Screw You GET A LIFE!

691 Robert L. Barney independent evangelical I believe President Bush is a God fearing, Jesus loving evangelical who has held true to a number of social issues of great concern to evangelical Christians. By sharp contrast, the United Methodist church has demonstrated a liberal theological streak that has led to a watering down of the Christianity that John Wesley practiced and believed. Wesley would have been embarrassed by the current United Methodist denomination. Therefore, President Bush is TOO GOOD a president and Christian to have his library associated with any United Methodist school.

700 John Wesley As a Methodist, I am ashamed of you know-it-all liberals posing as men and women of God. Instead of attacking the President ad nauseum, you should be working to correct the watered-down, bleached-out form of “Christianity” that you have foisted upon our denomination.

717 Yousuck Faglovers Unlike you, I believe in GOD!

730 Don’t want to sign United Methodist Local Pastor WV Conference

731 Zarlat Absilok FUCK YOU, You mother fucking assholes.

775 Why Do You People Spew So Much HATRED Unbelievable. I’ve just browsed through 775 of some of the most hate-filled statements I’ve ever seen. John Wesley is not proud of this.

802 YouMethodistsRIdiots Build the Library at SMU!

835 How Dare you speak for all Methodists I’ve been a member of the UMC all my life. How dare you try to speak for me!

845 Cynthia TUMC As a methodist congregation member, I am utterly disgusted at this petition. You are not entitled to represent my religion in signing any petition. I fully support President Bush and his actions.

849 Glad I’m Not Methodist It is hard to believe that an orginization that is supposed to represent Christ’s love here on earth could be so filled with hateful people.

858 stelios christian Shame on you and your foolish antics. I suppose you will blame the president when the jihadists are removing your heads? What cowards you are.

866 Ima Hypocrite SMU should REMOVE the word “Methodist” from its title. SMU is no more a Christian University than U/Cal @ Berkley. “Protect” SMU??? Hahahhahahaaaahahaha!

914 Shirley Ugest Amazing! This is just another example of the folly of right-winged religious zeolots. You elected the guy! You wanted the guy! Then he does what you wanted him to do and you condemn him for it? You people disgust me! You’re sacrosanct! YOU CREATED THIS MESS, now live with it! Accept the library … it fits right in among all of you who hate and condemn others.

922 You do not understand There is a difference between the heavenly kingdom and the earthly kingdoms. Jesus even told Pontius Pilot that he would not have authority unless it had been given to him. Wake up! Do not let y our liberal hate consume you!

933 richard Christ united methodist Church Farmers Branch,Tx. You people are all obviuosly demented and care nothing for your country. You vilifile a president you wages war to protect Americans. You need to wake up and realize we are a country at war and if people like you don’t start acting like it we won’t be discussing libraries we will be building Presidental Mosque

1007 U.R. Stupid SMU liberals are a black eye for the United Methodist Church. Why not get rid of them!


2718 Carl Ellison I’m so proud of our President. Did you see him deliver the state of the union speech with dignity and eloquence. He and the elegant First Lady have brought so much class to the office that the previous holder had defiled. He delivered his message in clear, unambigous words that brought tears to my family’s eyes. He was gracious to his most bitter critics and that is something that endears him to all who know him. This Christian gentleman does not return evil for evil, but loves even the ones who lie and hate him. Wouldn’t it be nice if all Christians acted like this? I appreciate this Godly man and his legacy will be that of one whom God ordained to be in this place at this time of crisis in this nation. I will always sleep better knowing that we have men like this who place the welfare of the nation over their personal ambitions. God bless this President.

8728 Davona and David Paschall St. Lukes Methodist Curch — We would like to encourage as many people as possible to sign in hopes that the Bush library is not built at SMU. We would love another chance to have it in Lubbock. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

8729 Julie G Mosley I support President Bush due to the unchristian attitude of his opponents. Ronald Reagan once said about liberals, “it’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant. It’s just that most of what they know is not true.” This is nowhere more evident than in the vulgar and hateful comments of most of these signers. They know nothing of complex geo-political issues, they have no concept of how appeasement by leaders of nations over the years have led to enslavement and genocide, and yet they blather on in their unholy crusade against the best advice of our smartest military men. George Bush is going to go down as the greatest President of this century and this library will be a shrine that scholars will flock to study his legacy. God bless this good man.

8756 You Are Cynical-Liars You people deserve what the terrorists want to give you. You aren’t smart enough to see the world for what it is. It’s time to accept what you are. You are emblematic of the same type of cowardice and self-righteousness that the San Hedron exhibited. You are the foolish followers in the crowd that shouted, Crucify Him! two thousand years ago. I pray that someday you’ll grow brains and be able to think for yourselves. You are the ones that will be responsible for the next 50,000 Americans that are killed at the hands of the terrorists.

8810 Anonymous I am the son and grandson of UM ministers. I have observed that, greater then the UMC’s record of social activism is its record of shooting itself in the foot. To do this petition in the name of Methodism only continues that record. You do not represent me or my denomination, but so much of the public will think so. And, if you’re so socially conscious, why does your site not allow people to present different views. Also, some of the articles cited are disrespectful of President Bush. Whether you like him or not, he is the President of the United States. Calling him “Dubya” is a low class psychological ploy to paint someone with whom you disagree as being less intelligent or less than human. If you’re opposing the library by claiming the opposition is consistent with a UM tradition while at the same time ignoring the UM tradition of being respectful of others, then you are only USING tradition to further your own agenda rather than HONORING it.

8813 Jack Porter You have lost. the library will be built and will be a shrine to truth and firmness in the face of blackmail and terrorism by both islamic radicals and liberals nazis. Word today is that the overwhelming number of SMU students and Methodists in Dallas and the area and the citizens of Dallas want the building and it is go. As one Methodist leader said, “we are not going to let a small number of kooks who are on the fringe of our denomination keep us from doing the right thing.” A victory for reason over hate and bigotry. Sorry, my lunatic spiteful little buddies. Looks you lose again just like you did in 2000 and 2004. The Yale graduate wins again and proves that indeed you are pathetic losers.


8826 Mullah Omar Steray mashay! (Pashto greeting which means “Don’t become tired!”) We have much in common my dear brothers. First of all, we both hate George W. Bush. Allah akbar! I, similar to the President at SMU, am in charge of many talibs. As you may already know the word talib means “student” in Arabic. We, the Pashtun people, have borrowed many words from Arabic over the years since the time the Arabs converted our ancestors by the sword many centuries ago. We add the ending “an” to the word “talib” to make it plural in our language. This is where the word Taliban comes from. It means students. We the Taliban appreciate all the help you have provided our talibs after our Arab brothers, who trained with us in Afghanistan, attacked your airplanes and your buildings back in 2001. It makes me proud to know that people affiliated with an infidel university like SMU would care to help us talibs in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We realize that every time you criticize George W. Bush and question his pursuit of fundamentalists like myself, our Taliban movement is strengthened. We the Taliban thank you immensely for making our lives easier and safer. With your assistance we can get George W. Bush off our backs and start hosting more terrorist training camps in our beautiful mountains along the Afghan/Pakistani border. I have been on the run and in hiding for 5 years and I would really like to settle back into my old home in Kandahar from which I ruled Afghanistan. I cannot wait until we the Taliban can destroy the new schools built for our children, especially the schools built for educating our young girls. I look forward to the day when I can inshaallah (God Willing), start bringing poor, unemployed men from around the globe back into Afghanistan to brainwash them with my version of Islam (a version, by the way, that I feel is the closest version to the Prophet’s). After opening such “schools” (a.k.a. terrorist training camps) we shall help these brainwashed young men kill innocent civilians all over the globe in places like: Russia, Somalia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Israel, and your beloved United States of America. If you, my brothers, continue to oppose George W. Bush and his policy of pursuing terrorists, we the Taliban can get back to doing what we do best: oppressing women, decapitating criminals in soccer stadiums, preventing girls from learning anything, oppressing the Shiites in Afghanistan, outlawing fun activities like kite-flying and doing anything else that would make Methodists and SMU grads everywhere quite proud. Dera Manana! (Pashto: Thank you very much!) P’ mekha d’shay! (Pashto: May everything before you be good!/Good Bye!)

8844 Joseph Willis I am for this library being built at SMU. The liberals speak of compassion for the poor, but again facts prove they are hypocrites. Recent studies show that conservatives and fundamentalists give a far greater portion of their income to charity than the hypocritical liberals. If you remember during the 2000 campaign, George Bush’s contributions were far greater than al gore who donated only a pittance. Then, who can forget the clintons writing off the donation of bills used underware as a charitable donation? Of course, kerry was also a miser when it came to putting his money where his mouth was, especially when you consider his vast wealth. And who can forget Edwards who obtained his wealth through shameful deceitful tactics as an ambulance chaser. All in all, just more examples of the duplicity and hypocrisy of the liberals.

8864 FedUp With LyingMethodists Peace may be still be important, but it is VERY clear that “Justice” has nothing to do with the Methodist Church anymore. Your numbers continue to shrink because of the lies and politics of your administration. None of this has anything to do with truth and honesty. You are, largely, incapable of that anymore. The Council of Bishops is one of the most dishonest institutions in the world and most of them will, likely, burn in hell for the evil they have perpetrated upon innocent constituents. Hopefully you will repent for your arrogance and self-righteousness.

8890 Jay Teichman This language and blatant lies in this petition violate the very principles that Methodism was supposed to be founded on. Have we drifted so far from the ideas of John Wesley that we accept any vicious propaganda that political opponents drum up? Do we want to be a mouthpiece for some of the most hateful individuals who have ever engaged in political mudslinging? Do we want to carry the message for the terrorists? My dear Methodist brethren, my heart aches for what I see on this petition. Most of you know in your hearts that this isn’t right and yet we tolerate it. We preach love and we spew hate!. I’m ashamed to be a Methodist, but I am hoping this is only a tiny portion of the church I love. God forbid this type of behaviour iis typical of our membership.

8894 udontspeak4me As a United Methodist I would be honored to see a George W. Bush Library at SMU.

8911 Lowell Desamond Lying methodist hypocrites. You have deserted any pretense of following the teaching of Christ and become an empty shell of a church. Betterr to join the Lions club or the Masons. You solicit your members from among the social elite and wealthy, build grand edifices, and then have the gall to posture about the plight of the poor and homeless. George Bush has more Christianity and compassion in his little finger than all you hypocrites. The Scriptures warn us of false and empty religions and your denomination certainly typifies this. It is also evident that from the tenor of the language contained on these pages and the profanity that many of you are in real need of repentance. Well, what can we expect from a group that have sold out to the devil?

8960 Alvin Lawrence George Bush did not seek to have this library at SMU. Many institutions bid for this great honor and the finalists were narrowed to UTD, Baylor, SMU, and Texas Tech. The SMU board was very aggressive in courting this future library and was finally selected to be one of the final contestants, probably because Laura Bush sat on the board of SMU and the Bush’s were longtime Methodists. This will lend great prestige to SMU and to Dallas and 98% of both constituency are eager to have it there. A few liberal professors and whackos have tried to derail the project, mainly because they are in bed with the Michael Moore and George Soros crowd and hate the President. It will happen despite all the venom spewed forth by the left-wing nazis and will be a great creditt to the university for decades.

8962 Michael Arvus Methodist. My family and I want this library at SMU. I noticed in this past Sunday newspaper in Dallas that most of the Methodist ministers supported the library also. John Heatherly, lay leader of First UMC in Commerce, Texas, and a delegate to the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church was quoted as saying he was for the library and thinks its opponents, especially those behind the online petition don’t represent the church’s mainstream. “They represent a very far left liberal agenda,” he said. Other ministers and laymen ahd similar comments. In fact, if you look at the list of sponsors for this petition, you will find out that only one of them is from Dallas and only two or three from Texas. SMU is certainly a secular institution and most peole realize this is not about Methodism or values, it is aobut a liberal agenda by the radical left,

8997 Leo Pollard III This petition is a joke. When George W. Bush was running for the Presidency and made his statement about how Jesus Christ has changed his life, I turned to my wife and said “he just sealed his fate with the false Christians, the homosexuals, the word-smiths of the liberal media (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, new york times, and the rest of the far left), the pseudo-intellectual professors and theologians, the slimey hollywood cabal, the effete snobs of the Northeast, and the abortionists.” These hypocrites don’t mind their candidates making references to a higher power or a “supreme being,” but look with horror anyone unsophistocated enough to admit Jesus Christ changed his life. I knew the lefties and snobs would be coming after him with a vengence and sure enough……! They have subjected this fine man to some of the most vicious lies and hate speech in the history of this country. Any semblance of objectivity and civility were discarded which is the usual custom of liberals when someone disagrees with them. there was nothing he could have done, domestically or internationally that would have satisfied this bloodthirsty mob. You can see the baying hounds of this lynch mob in effect in this pettition—screaming out their rage. They truly would release Barabas if they could only crucify this President. They would love to see our troops die and be slaughtered and the USA lose in Iraq & Afghanistan if it would make the President look bad. I consider most of the religious bigots on this petition as modern day pharisees and the laymen as duped “useful idiots.” The rest are a loose assortment of eternal protesters or people who are uncomfortable with truth and integrity.

9047 Dan Rather I have an idea to solve the problem and make all the liberals happy. Build another library for Clinton at SMU, shaped like a phallus. It could include a partial-birth abortion clinic and institution on how to hoodwink the public. If that isn’t feasible, how about anothe rlibrary for the worst president in the history of this country…jimmy carter! It could have a mosque along with a madrassa. Jimmy could teach classes there on hate speech. The terrorists could have their own section since jimmy certainly seems to have turned anti-semitic. The libs could come there to lecture on diversity and freedom of speech when you agree witth it and how to destroy your opponents through slander and lies. Come to think of it, there seem to be many candidates on this petition.

9056 Lloyd Tatum I agree that this library should not be on a methodist campus. Why should the legacy of a man of convictions, morals, and understanding of evil be associated with church of pharisees and eccesiastical pin-heads? This church is an empty shell, losing membership every year and dominated by the most decadent set of bishops who should be called mullahs instead. For God;s sake, Mr. Bush, take your membership out of this nest of vipers and cess-pool waders.

9060 Anonymous Catholic, but I know some Methodists who are Christians. I called one of them and told her how concerned that her church was doing this. She told me that this was only a handful of the more liberal cleric who do not speak for 95% of the church. She said that most of the signers were false names, not even people associated with Methodism and she was deeply ashamed of anyone in her denomination associated with this effort. She said to consider that there were millions of Bush haters running around and looking for an opportunity to vent some of their bile. She is appalled at the lack of Christian love and compassion shown by people on this petition who call themselves Christians. This must really be the Al Queda petition

9062 Joe Blalock CAn you people join me in a “hate America and George Bush rally” in one week in the local methodist church san francisco bathhouse? We can kumbaya while singing “kill another baby and call it freedom of choice” and then we can hear speeches from professor churchill of U of colorodo about how you can join his cause in blaming every ill in the world on American and the President. You are my kind of people, liberal nit-wits, whose hands run red with the blood of American soldiers you have betrayed to the terrorists.

9108 Bin Laden Congratulations fellow brothers-in-arms. You discourage the American soldiers on your side of the ocean and help break their will to fight and we will kill them on this side of the ocean. I can’t tell you how grateful we are for your help. We could not do it without you. I’ve always said you libs were our biggest allies, because you had no stomach for fight or tough decisions and would raise enough hell through your liberal left-wing press to swing the battle over to our side. It would have been easier if we had gotten kerry or goober gore in. We could still be in Afghanistan and maybe have our own nuclear bombs by now. Not to worry we have plenty of time and you on our side., in fact, I’d rather have you than a division of soldiers. Keep up the good work and we’ll get rid of our mutual enemy in a couple of years and we can collaborate in even greater victories. Just think…I promise to set off our first nuclear weapons in cities that have mostly conservaties in them. They are our enemy, not you guys. You may get a little fallout and lose a few of your children and grandchildren, but sacrifices have to be made sometimes for the greater good. I think we can leave the unitarian and methodist churches. They don’t stand for any of Christianity’s principles anyway so they will not be an impediment to our progress. You might as well start waging war against the Bushite’s now and give us a head start. sorry, I realize you alredy have for several years. Yu ae indeed comrades. Allah is great.

9144 Joe San Diego Brethren Assemblies I am sick and tired of you leftist ministers who think the church is your little left wing activist pulpit. President Bush is a faithful member of the church who has a genuine faith experience that you secular, brainwashed ministers cannot hope to understand. Here is an idea, how about preaching the Gospel? Remember that thing– the fundamental teachings of the Faith? That Christ was manifested in the Flesh and saved us from our sins? Or perhaps, you have your noses too far up the butts of Michael Moore and Ted Kennedy. You are disgraceful.

9145 True Christian I’m against this petition and the unholy name calling it has caused. Why can’t we act like Christians? Maybe because most of you are not! I hope you can bring yourself to recognize you have formed an alliance with the devil in this crusade against this president. Recognize him for who he is, a Godly man, trying to lead this nation in a desperate battle against evil.

9167 Les Benton I am outraged that people are permitted to lie and slander under the guise of Christianity such as the signers of this petition. This library will be built and endure for the ages while the whiney little left-wing pinkos who oppose it will not be heard of or cared about a year from now. This president stands head and shoulders above his detractors who are frustrated because he has hindered their aganda of evil and weakness. God bles the USA and God continue to bless President Bush.

9295 GO BUSH The Church of God

9296 Liberalism Kills GODS watching

9116 Cody Hott Dallas Morning News article. In what many called a respectful and healthy exchange, Southern Methodist Univeristy’s president talked with about 125 professors Wednesday about the Bush library and the many concerns it brings……….Pat Davis, a former theology professor and lecturer at SMU’s Hart eCenter, said she was satisfied with Dr. Turner’s explanation. She gave the meeting high marks over-all………..Several other professors said they came because they wanted to show their support for the library, museum, and institute. “I don’t want the school to lose the library, frankly,” said Rebekah Miles, a theology professor and United Methodist minister. A hundred years from now when we’re all dead and gone, people are still going to be coming to the llibrary…and they’ll wonder what the controversy was all about.” It looks like there are some sane and fair Methodists after all.

9119 not signing The UMC has both Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton as members. What a great church. We honor people and their differing opinions. For instance, I don’t believe that man will solve the world’s problems without the saving power of Jesus Christ working on the sin of each and every believer. Christ still speaks to us today, repent and believe, isn’t rocket science. Even that the Scriptures warn us not to be tossed to and fro by whatever doctrine is popular at the time, as we know, the UMC welcomes people who might believe that the solution to all the world’s problems will come when we create computers that are smarter than humans, i.e. ‘god’ That humans have no sin to repent of or if there is sin it’s in those people over there, not me. That is just one example of the many views that shape who we are as the UMC. In fact, the Bishop I had teaching a class, with a bit of humor/sarcasm once said to the class that we really don’t know what a Methodist is these days because we have become everything to everybody for the most part. Nevertheless, I’m truly honored to be a part of this ‘experiment of Methodism.’ I believe that we have a great hour and a great potential to help this world. The UMC is moving on to perfection. (what a bummer of rising health costs and what that has done to our budget to help the hurting and service to our world) Apparently, though we must have much more work to do especially when we appear to act like little children on the playground calling names at one another, rather than mature spiritual examples. Is that really the witness we want the world to see? This name calling, hatefulness and consternation. Now who with a sound mind and Love would want a war, especially one against the marginalized, disenfrancized and voiceless? Surely not the members of our church. With this said and agreed, in my opinion, we face something far different. This war has an overriding fact, that is, an ideology of fear and hatred that has attacked us repeatedly…. personally, I don’t believe we deserve this type of treatment, although we are not blameless. We aren’t perfect, but we have more time to get this right, I hope! But, this is a war of protection, that will expand liberty to the captives, not aggression, you don’t have to listen if you don’t want to…but I am willing to listen to you. We must remember that none, not even you, has all the answers, therefore we are challenged to work through our journey in this realm with as much fellowship and brotherhood for others to the best of our abilities. Being a Christian isn’t about what ‘I’ want, and we have too too much of that it seems. Being a Christian is knowing that ‘I’ shall not want because the Lord is my Shepherd. My recommendation as local pastor in the UMC is for us to see where our gifts can help others. If we are fortunate enough to be selected to take on the responsiblity of these honors to an American President, can we do it with competence, dignity and sacrifice and work to help others understand our times and our faith in these difficult times. May His Peace be our Guide. Paul Thompson, Pastor WV Annual Conference

9283 Les Benton I am outraged that people are permitted to lie and slander under the guise of Christianity such as the signers of this petition. This library will be built and endure for the ages while the whiney little left-wing pinkos who oppose it will not be heard of or cared about a year from now. This president stands head and shoulders above his detractors who are frustrated because he has hindered their aganda of evil and weakness. George Bush has more Christian principles than any of the methodist bishops and most of their weenie pastors. This church has become a cesspool of liberal left-wing America haters and pseudo-intellectuals. If Sodom and Gomorroh received the judgement of God, sure this decadent church wil receive the same. God bless the USA and God continue to bless President Bush.

9285 Dan Jolly I support the President of our country. It is no accident that this man of God came to the leadership of this country in it’s moment of peril. I believe it was an act of the Almighty. No amount of appeasement by “effete snobs” who have no concept of geo-political affairs and certainly have no inside knowledge as to what dangers await us if we do not act. i’m always amazed when some snotty-nosed pastor of some snooty church thinks he’s such an authority of world affairs and military matters. Can you imagine methodist bishops trying to conduct WWII and the Normandy landing? No, they would have surrendered to the nazis right away rather than summon the courage and strength to resist. God ordains the right man at the right time at many instances of our history and George Bush is that man for this era. Future generations will pay homage for his leadership and strength against the islamic terrorists while the looney left-wing methodist ministers groveled and pleased for appeasement.

9292 Jason Edmonds Most of the drivel on here sounds like the talking points put out by the DNC. Same old tired pack of lies generated by the Bush-haters and liberals. Don’t you simpletons ever get tired of parroting other peoples garbage and don’t you ever want to think for yourself? It might be a refreshing experience to read a little history, especially the period prior to the second world war. You would probably recognize a lot of the so-called ministers here. Same atitude–same ole drivel…appeasement, appeasement..appeasement –let them throw the Jews in the concentration camps because we can’t afford to antagonize Hitler. God help us that these false prophets of the methodist church are never in position to influence policy. the islamic-fascists would blow up their churches and install mosqques there.

9379 Mark Bertrand I support the establishment of the Bush Library at SMU. I find the intolerance and bigotry of the unenlightened supporting this petition drive to be absolutely against Methodist ideals.

9396 John Brwon Methodist Church I support President George W. Bush. History will judge him much more differently than these people who are filled with hubris who are signing this petition. Don’t come looking for the President when terrorists come knocking at your door and force you to change from Christianity to Muslim. What Mr. Bush did was save the country from a blood bath by Saddam, Lybia, and Iran. Read Yoesf Bodansky’s Secret History of the Iraq War. you might learn something.

9408 Jan Joeslin Most of you are feeble-minded jerks who haven’t got the moral courage to confront evil when you see it. You condone the killing of millions of babies each year and snivel when the state executes a pathological killer. The irony of such haters at most of you are, piously pretending to protest President bush for his courageous decisions to stand up to evil and terrorism, is beyond comical. It is hypocrisy at it’s worst. You are at best a sniveling bunch of cowards and at worst a collaborator with the terrorists. As a veteran who fought to preserve your yellow hides, I am ashamed that your whines are given publicity. You should not be allowed to show your cowardly face in the light of day.

9303 Ima Idiot Church of Secular Self-Worshipping Sophisticates Thank you my Methodist brothers and sisters, thank you for keeping the Bush Library out of the leading academic institution of his faith. Except he can’t seem to keep up with the ‘trendy’ folk of his faith. Do you know he actually believes the Bible is God’s Word? And how dare he root out tyranny so that the innocent can be free. The war-mongering bastard.

9310 Concerned father When the nuclear dust settles and some of our cities burn and millions of our citizens are dead and horribly injured, I would like to retain the names on this petition so that we know who to blame. The sorry appeasers who made a pact with the devil to oppose anyone who stood up to the terrorists will wring their hands then, but can they bring back our dead. For the sake of our country and our children, please bring a halt to the ravings of these mini neville Chamberleins before the islamic nazis strike us again.

9315 Jay Bird Want to see the modern day apostae church. The hate mongering duo of methodist and unitarians. Between them, they have no core beliefs other than “queer nation” parades are cool and abortion clinics are good business. No wonder they oppose a president who stands for babies and children, who tharts the plans of those who would reak havoc on our country, and who has exhibited truth and ethics in government. Their role model, of course, is bill clinton who was a fitting member of their church philosophy…wink at sin, spout ecclesiastical cliques, look sanctimonious, and indulge in debauchery. Oh yes, I forgot posture as a humanitarian.

9446 Joe Blow 50 years a Methodist until I realized the truth about the hypocrisy and lies of the leadership. May you all burn in hell when the terrorist light one underneath you. The Methodist Church has become a completely meaningless institution in the last 20 years thanks to poor leadership, no message, ill-directed political involvement. and downright dishonesty at the top. The Council of Bishops are nothing more than the San Hedron was 2000 years ago……..liars & thieves.

9449 Jack Sprat 50 years a Methodist until I realized the truth about the hypocrisy and lies of the leadership. May you all burn in hell when the terrorist light one underneath you. The Methodist Church has become a completely meaningless institution in the last 20 years thanks to poor leadership, no message, ill-directed political involvement. and downright dishonesty at the top. The Council of Bishops are nothing more than the San Hedron was 2000 years ago……..liars & thieves.

9450 Mary Contrary 50 years a Methodist until I realized the truth about the hypocrisy and lies of the leadership. May you all burn in hell when the terrorist light one underneath you. The Methodist Church has become a completely meaningless institution in the last 20 years thanks to poor leadership, no message, ill-directed political involvement. and downright dishonesty at the top. The Council of Bishops are nothing more than the San Hedron was 2000 years ago……..liars & thieves.

9451 Bishop Dish Onesty 50 years a Methodist until I realized the truth about the hypocrisy and lies of the leadership. May you all burn in hell when the terrorist light one underneath you. The Methodist Church has become a completely meaningless institution in the last 20 years thanks to poor leadership, no message, ill-directed political involvement. and downright dishonesty at the top. The Council of Bishops are nothing more than the San Hedron was 2000 years ago……..liars & thieves.

9459 Sic O’You For all of you so focused on the self-righteousness of your Methodist leaders, just remember that they can’t even stand up for the most innocent of all. Your churces position on abortion says, “….In continuity with past Christian teaching, we recognize tragic conflicts of life with life that may justify abortion, and in such cases we support the legal option of abortion under proper medical procedures. …..” So please tell us what the acceptable terms are for the Osama Bin Ladens and Saddam Husseins to continue to kill the hundreds of thousands that they did and will. You scream at Bush to pull out the troops and allow the Iraqis to kill each other, but you bitch at him about not protecting those in Dafur. Your pretense at “Justice” to meet your political agendas instead of genuine human concern and honest “justice” is a joke and sad. You should be ashamed of your arrogance and sanctimony.

9472 ben dover dallas welcomes the library and it’s glorious honoree. having been the site where that liberal scum kennedy was finally snuffed, it should help those old wounds heal for some. those who oppose it just suck.

As other petition-signers have pointed out:

357 Sydney Smith I find it fitting that those opposing this petition drive are the most hateful in their words and deeds and still call themselves Christians. Since when did supporting George Bush determine whether you are a Christian or NOT? It is our right to be able to object to having a library built at SMU. People who are writing hateful things on this petition, should really go back and read through those who share your opinion and then ask yourself – would God condone your behavior – your name calling and beligerent behavior. Honestly, while you all sit in church and wonder “How can we reach out to other…” remember that this is how we percieve you – showing your true colors as you have here. There are individuals who call themselves Christians who love the Lord with all of their heart and still believe that we were misled into a war. With this in mind, we have the right to sign a petition dissenting to it being built here in Dallas.

583 Anonymous Baptist. Sure is funny reading all the Bush supporters who feel the need to sign a petition that isn’t for them. Must be sad for them that the only thing they are associated with now is bad management, war & torture.

9330 Tom Adams Notice how the one Bush supporter left in this world comes by everyday and signs on under different names. Then begins to spew crap, call names and ridicule people(same as Bush). Never anything intelligent to say (same as Bush). Rude and mean (same as Bush). Inconsiderate (same as Bush). I have come to the conclusion that G W Bush is doing this himself. How is it that he has time to sit around and defile this petition all day. Shouldnt he be out doing something, like running the country. If he was then this petition might not exist. Oh yeah, hes proly on vacation again as usual. So this is how he spends his time?!?! This is what the American tax payers are getting for our money? No wonder his approval rating falls a little more everyday. If you are against this petition…start one of your own that is for the SMU library and put your money where your mouth is and show us how many people actually have something intelligent to say about why it should be there. Thats what I thought. Proud TAB (Texans Against Bush) member since 2001. Keep the names coming folks. Every signature counts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was once in a room where a food storage bag full of $100’s was handed off to be delivered to “the secretary”, with “Boone”, the following week. Boone, of course, is T. Boone Pickens, President Bush’s close personal friend. A couple of weeks later, a bill passed in the Congress which allowed this business to close pending sales contracts, thanks to new tax incentives. This is a true story.

    Mr. Bush is no different than any other politician.

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